The Final Step To Our Perfection

Hyo Jin Moon

November 3,1991

Belvedere, New York

Today I have chosen a topic that I've used several times before, "Me Final Step to Our Perfection." That is a very broad and very vague topic but my theme will center around rejection.

Obviously most of you have personally experienced and know the difficulty of the fact that this society and world expect certain things from us. We all have tried desperately to achieve certain things in our lives to become worthy of our calling. In many ways what we strive to attain is a certain achievement: to be in the position where the world or society looks at us and says we have accomplished. We want to be recognized for having reached a certain perfection based upon our ability.

That recognition is very important to all of us. We strive to attain that realization by trying to understand and gain dominion over our selves, to utilize our own abilities and to perfect them. We want to show the world, "I am somebody because of what I have achieved based on what was given to me."

This process is not easy. It is difficult to achieve things that the world can recognize as your perfection. A lot of sacrifice and dedication is necessary. An absolute devotion to achieving your own perfection is necessary.

But all that aside, the reason that I have chosen the topic of rejection is that rejection plays a large part in this process of perfection. Obviously you can say that because there is a certain ideal of what perfection is, then there must be certain boundaries. When boundaries exist you must accept the fact that there will be rejection. When you do things beyond the boundary, they have to be rejected in respect to the realm of perfection. If you want to stay within the realm of perfection, rejection becomes a part of the perfection process.

Adam was in the position to fulfill important things. He was to perfect God's true love. In order for him to achieve this great task, the first thing he had to do was reject himself. He had to reject his own desire and the things which would impede him from working within the realm of God's ideal of creation. Adam was introduced to certain ideas other than God's, which then provoked him to think selfishly about his own desires and things that would be physically beneficial to him. At that moment when he was tempted, if he could have rejected centering on himself and thought instead of Heavenly Father, the Fall would never have occurred. I'm not saying that Satan played a part in the perfection of Adam, but perhaps his position of tempting Adam could have aided Adam to take responsibility to become the counterpart of love to God by being in the position to deny himself and reject his own selfishness.

In order for God Himself to choose the ideals of love, He had to reject His own selfness. He rejected selfness, therefore He longed for the realization of true love. Adam was in the position to reject his self, just as God rejected His selfness, to yearn for love, and to accept the will of God which is manifesting love.

One of the most difficult things in our lives is rejection. Everyone wants to be accepted. No one wants to be rejected, but that is an integral part of perfecting ourselves. When you look at Jesus Christ, during his forty day fast, he was tempted by Satan. Satan told him to turn the stone into bread. He took Jesus to the temple and told him to jump off and he took Jesus to the highest mountain peak and looked down at the kingdom of man and told Jesus, "Bow down to me, if you do all you see will be yours." Obviously Jesus rejected that temptation. Satan asked him to eat something. Satan stressed the point of centering on the physical body, saying the most important thing was bread. Jesus told him you don't live on bread alone but by the word of God. Through all these things, Satan was tempting the physical presence of Jesus. Ultimately Jesus rejected his physical self. He rejected Satan's offer of dominion over the physical world because he knew he would achieve that later centered on God.

Satan tried to provoke Jesus into rejecting God, while at the same time tempting his physical self. He wanted Jesus to do away with the union which would ultimately realize the ideals of love. Satan wanted Jesus to think about himself. Jesus was successful in facing temptation and he rejected Satan by denying himself.

When you look at Father's life, there are many things that we can talk about. The important thing is, before Father first received confirmation of the Principle from spirit world, he was rejected twice. Think about it. Father was chosen. Although he was chosen or predestined to realize or conceive the Principle, he was rejected twice. The important thing is that Father strove on. Although he received rejection from spirit world two times he persisted in the sense that he never gave up hope and continued to try to understand God. He prayed tremendously and shed tears and tried to really love God. He physically endured many difficulties studying and going over the Bible again and again. Many people give testimony that the Bible Father had was filled with notes. Every line and every page was marked and underlined thousands of times. It was falling apart. Won Pil Kim told me this when I interviewed him for the video I'm making. He said Father read his Bible so many times it was literally falling apart. The paper was so thin from his hands touching the pages for many hours over so many days.

Father made tremendous sacrifice. The thing is, he was grateful, even for the rejection. Although he was chosen, he was still grateful, he never gave up hope. He never felt discouraged because he was being rejected. He absolutely committed himself to God and just persisted. He accepted the rejection and by overcoming that, he has risen above his self. When you are always conscious about yourself, the most fearful thing is rejection. When you are arrogant or self-centered you can't deal with rejection. But in order for you to perfect love you must realize the importance of being rejected. This is the beautiful aspect, although it is difficult. If you can't rise above that you can never perfect yourself. Father understood that. Father understood the importance of being grateful for being rejected.

Those of us in the Unification Church have been rejected by this world ever since it was established. In one incident after another we have been rejected left and right. Father literally had been rejected by the world. Our lives are filled with rejection. And many of you, even after you were blessed, in many cases you were rejected by Father. Many of you have persisted on without losing hope or your commitments. But some of you have drowned in your own self pity because you have been rejected.

I look at myself and I look at the things Father has always made me do and the things that I have tried to offer to Father. I always try to present myself in the best light. I have certain ideas and based on those I try to project myself. Everything is based on good intentions. Many of those things have been rejected. When I was a young adult it may have bothered me in that moment, but in retrospect all of that really is a part of love. Because of his persistence in demanding certain things, and because he rejected me when certain things were not in accord with principled standards, it was a true gift. The mere fact that he rejected me insures me of the secure future of a principled world. He can't accept me and whatever I do just because I am his son. No, the ideal world exists upon the principle of love. So in order for me to attain and dwell in the ideal world, I must accept the fact that I will be rejected if I go beyond the boundaries. And there is that principle, a standard and boundary. If I go beyond it there has to be somebody, some mechanism, some process by which things will be rejected. Because of that process my future is secure, as well as yours.

This process of rejection is not something negative, but we always think of it as negative. Who likes to be rejected? It's difficult to even reject your own things. In trying to create my own things I go through a rejection process. It's not easy. When you are rejecting your own thing it is difficult, but to be rejected by someone you don't know or have nothing to do with is worse. Of course that is just speaking figurative, you have something to do with everybody. Once I accept the fact that I must reject certain things then I can mo