The Key To Restoring The World Lies Within Us

Hyo Jin Moon

April 21,1991

Belvedere, New York

Today my topic will be "The Key to Restoring the World Lies Within Us." We all understand Adam and Eve as the symbol of mankind, as the primary ancestors, the primary beings of mankind. Adam and Eve symbolize the ideal of man and ultimately the ancestry of mankind. In order for each individual to be perfected, they must resemble and emulate the model of Adam and Eve. The true model must be set and must be present in order for an ideal world to be manifested.

Realizing the ideal of creation, the ideal world lies in mankind receiving the true Adam who has conceived Heavenly Father's spirit as well as body. In other words, our purpose in life lies in becoming like the true Adam and Eve. just because Adam and Eve are in our midst does not give us the automatic right to become like them. We must make effort to become like Adam and Eve in order for the ideal world to be realized.

Knowing that, when you look at creation and think about the circumstances of the Garden of Eden in the beginning, it is interesting to realize one point which secular people, especially atheists who do not even believe in God, accuse God as not fulfilling and being inadequate. That point is: uncertainty, the obscurity and uncertainty which was there in the beginning. Obviously, when Adam and Eve were in the position to conceive of and become the physical representation of God, they were in a position of uncertainty. They could either fall or not fall.

They were in that position from the very beginning. Once you understand the will of God, however, that very uncertainty is essential for the perfection of mankind to become like God. It is the absolutely necessary element through which mankind can become like God. In order for man to become Godlike, the presence of uncertainty is an absolutely necessary element in the equation of fulfilling the perfection of creation.

Why is that? It is because man is the object to God who ultimately has to be in the position to reciprocate with God the ideals of love. In other words, in order for God to have an object who can reciprocate with him, with all that He desires and all that He wills, the object must also possess the quality of God. Simply put, the object must be Godlike.

Within that came the ideals of love, the ideals of true love. So also within man must come the ideals of love. Under the condition of uncertainty existed all different kinds of possibilities. God is omnipotent. Under this circumstance of many possibilities, God chose the ideals of love. Based on that tremendous uncertainty, man must, through the ability to choose, based on volition, free will, make the choice which will unite with God's also choosing to create the ideal world of love. That is a very important element in perfecting mankind.

Many people up to now have used this as the source of criticism. "Why," they ask, "If God is almighty and all powerful, why is He so helpless?" It is not that God is helpless, but uncertainty itself is the absolutely necessary element in realizing God's purpose of creation. That is the key.

That key itself was distorted by Satan. As long as that is not realized, he can do whatever he wills to mankind because that is the key in perfecting ourselves. That is the key. Uncertainty was the part of creation which God meant mankind to have. Why? Because we ourselves must become Godlike through our own free will, based on the ability to choose. We must be able to choose out of the different possibilities. Temptation is one of the possibilities, however it is not the ideal possibility. It will not bring the outcome which will enable us to create the ideal world.

The only way we can create the ideal world is to unite with the ideals of God. In the absence of God, the ideal will never manifest itself. The ideal world of eternal peace and joy, happiness and harmony will never manifest itself with the absence of God. We must have God present. That is the absolutely necessary element. Man has failed to understand this.

Think about it. Adam was uncertain, thinking, "Why did God tell me not to take the fruit of good and evil?" He was uncertain about the possibility. However, there was some other person, some other entity giving him a notion other than God's direction, telling him, "Hey, if you take this, it will make you something else. You won't die, but you will become Godlike. So, forget His ideas. You follow me." Well, that was another concept, another notion present which was available and in a way "revealed" to mankind.

However, based on his free will, mankind could have made a decision to choose God's way. Although he was uncertain, through his own reasoning, he could have chosen absolutely by himself to unite with God. He could have himself given the answer to unite with God. That would have been the condition for mankind to unite with God. He himself, within himself, could have derived the answer which would ultimately have united him with God.

Now that is the key. That is absolutely necessary. That is why God was in a way powerless. In order to substantiate the world of love, there has to be a substantial being who can represent all that He has, all that He possesses. That person, that substantial being who is to represent God, must have within himself the abilities which God possesses. Within God came the ideals of love, so must the ideals of love be found inside mans heart, man's own self.

Within man's existence must come the ideals of God. That is the absolutely most important thing to know. Obscurity, uncertainty is an absolutely necessary part of creation. That is why it is so important. Understanding this is the key which is going to cut off all the garbage which lies out there and mocks God for being powerless. That is the key understanding which we must realize.

Understanding the whole creation concept will truly liberate us. Ultimately, we have to become Adam-like. Every individual must find within himself or herself the ideals of God. Why must I unite with Father? Why must I unite with True Parents? Why do I have to go through this kind of suffering course? Why is there such a hardship in every path that we take? What is the reason behind it?

You must find the answer within yourself. Why do I, Hyo Jin, have to unite with my Father? He never tells me why I should unite with him. I tell myself and try to give myself all the reasons why I should persevere onward and overcome all the difficulties. Why do I have to follow my Father? Why?

Because I love Father. If that is not good enough, then, I am a man. I must do something constructive with my life. I must do something. I cannot just live and die.

Even animals leave something behind, skin or meat, something that will benefit others. I'm much more than the animals. I'm mankind. What must I do? I want to leave something behind that will ultimately benefit mankind. What other reason do you need to unite with Father? You should give the reason to yourself. I love Father. I'm his son. I came from him. He's my origin. No matter how great I am, without his presence, without his love, without Father's love, parents love being consummated, I would never be here.

Knowing my origin is another reason for me to unite. Whatever the reason might be that will make you unite, you should give it to yourself The reason our church has not excelled is because we depended so much on others to inspire us. That is the wrong idea. That is the wrong concept. Soon or later, man must become responsible.

It is understandable that when you are a child the parents should rear you, take care of you and provide certain basic things. I understand that. In the same token, being in the position of a spiritual child, I can understand parents rearing you, giving you the necessary things for you to grow, develop and mature within the spiritual body. I can understand, but there comes a time when you have to take responsibility onto yourself.

You also must become Adam-like. In order for you to become perfected, you have to take the model of Adam and Eve and be of it. That is the key. We have denied ourselves up to now the freedom to be truly liberated. We denied it. We didn't want to grow up. We didn't want to take the responsibility onto ourselves.

You like independence. That means you have to take the responsibility into your hands, based on what is right. You must have the right concept. Based on a concept, things get manifested. For that reason, you must have the right concept. Based on what is right, you must manifest. You must act based on what is right.

Ultimately, every individual must go that course. Although we have this great understanding and great truth, we haven't propagated because we have failed to realize this key point, the importance of responsibility. That was the key. That was the key to liberating and perfecting Adam and Eve. Individuality. That is being involved in this creation process, becoming Godlike without His assistance.

That is the key. Understanding what is true and uniting with parents. You must find reason within yourself to unite. You must be responsible for yourself, for your own deeds, for your own being. You are an individual being. You are a unique and individual being. However, the way in which all this diversity, all of you, can ever have the possibility to unite comes only through the concept of True Parents. That is why we need True Parents. All these Godlike beings, how could they ever unite? How can we ever unite? We must have parents.

There might be some trouble within the family, among the brothers and sisters, but if there are solid and stable parents,