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The Key To Restoring The World Lies Within Us

Hyo Jin Moon

April 21,1991

Belvedere, New York

Today my topic will be "The Key to Restoring the World Lies Within Us." We all understand Adam and Eve as the symbol of mankind, as the primary ancestors, the primary beings of mankind. Adam and Eve symbolize the ideal of man and ultimately the ancestry of mankind. In order for each individual to be perfected, they must resemble and emulate the model of Adam and Eve. The true model must be set and must be present in order for an ideal world to be manifested.

Realizing the ideal of creation, the ideal world lies in mankind receiving the true Adam who has conceived Heavenly Father's spirit as well as body. In other words, our purpose in life lies in becoming like the true Adam and Eve. just because Adam and Eve are in our midst does not give us the automatic right to become like them. We must make effort to become like Adam and Eve in order for the ideal world to be realized.

Knowing that, when you look at creation and think about the circumstances of the Garden of Eden in the beginning, it is interesting to realize one point which secular people, especially atheists who do not even believe in God, accuse God as not fulfilling and being inadequate. That point is: uncertainty, the obscurity and uncertainty which was there in the beginning. Obviously, when Adam and Eve were in the position to conceive of and become the physical representation of God, they were in a position of uncertainty. They could either fall or not fall.

They were in that position from the very beginning. Once you understand the will of God, however, that very uncertainty is essential for the perfection of mankind to become like God. It is the absolutely necessary element through which mankind can become like God. In order for man to become Godlike, the presence of uncertainty is an absolutely necessary element in the equation of fulfilling the perfection of creation.

Why is that? It is because man is the object to God who ultimately has to be in the position to reciprocate with God the ideals of love. In other words, in order for God to have an object who can reciprocate with him, with all that He desires and all that He wills, the object must also possess the quality of God. Simply put, the object must be Godlike.

Within that came the ideals of love, the ideals of true love. So also within man must come the ideals of love. Under the condition of uncertainty existed all different kinds of possibilities. God is omnipotent. Under this circumstance of many possibilities, God chose the ideals of love. Based on that tremendous uncertainty, man must, through the ability to choose, based on volition, free will, make the choice which will unite with God's also choosing to create the ideal world of love. That is a very important element in perfecting mankind.

Many people up to now have used this as the source of criticism. "Why," they ask, "If God is almighty and all powerful, why is He so helpless?" It is not that God is helpless, but uncertainty itself is the absolutely necessary element in realizing God's purpose of creation. That is the key.

That key itself was distorted by Satan. As long as that is not realized, he can do whatever he wills to mankind because that is the key in perfecting ourselves. That is the key. Uncertainty was the part of creation which God meant mankind to have. Why? Because we ourselves must become Godlike through our own free will, based on the ability to choose. We must be able to choose out of the different possibilities. Temptation is one of the possibilities, however it is not the ideal possibility. It will not bring the outcome which will enable us to create the ideal world.

The only way we can create the ideal world is to unite with the ideals of God. In the absence of God, the ideal will never manifest itself. The ideal world of eternal peace and joy, happiness and harmony will never manifest itself with the absence of God. We must have God present. That is the absolutely necessary element. Man has failed to understand this.

Think about it. Adam was uncertain, thinking, "Why did God tell me not to take the fruit of good and evil?" He was uncertain about the possibility. However, there was some other person, some other entity giving him a notion other than God's direction, telling him, "Hey, if you take this, it will make you something else. You won't die, but you will become Godlike. So, forget His ideas. You follow me." Well, that was another concept, another notion present which was available and in a way "revealed" to mankind.

However, based on his free will, mankind could have made a decision to choose God's way. Although he was uncertain, through his own reasoning, he could have chosen absolutely by himself to unite with God. He could have himself given the answer to unite with God. That would have been the condition for mankind to unite with God. He himself, within himself, could have derived the answer which would ultimately have united him with God.

Now that is the key. That is absolutely necessary. That is why God was in a way powerless. In order to substantiate the world of love, there has to be a substantial being who can represent all that He has, all that He possesses. That person, that substantial being who is to represent God, must have within himself the abilities which God possesses. Within God came the ideals of love, so must the ideals of love be found inside mans heart, man's own self.

Within man's existence must come the ideals of God. That is the absolutely most important thing to know. Obscurity, uncertainty is an absolutely necessary part of creation. That is why it is so important. Understanding this is the key which is going to cut off all the garbage which lies out there and mocks God for being powerless. That is the key understanding which we must realize.

Understanding the whole creation concept will truly liberate us. Ultimately, we have to become Adam-like. Every individual must find within himself or herself the ideals of God. Why must I unite with Father? Why must I unite with True Parents? Why do I have to go through this kind of suffering course? Why is there such a hardship in every path that we take? What is the reason behind it?

You must find the answer within yourself. Why do I, Hyo Jin, have to unite with my Father? He never tells me why I should unite with him. I tell myself and try to give myself all the reasons why I should persevere onward and overcome all the difficulties. Why do I have to follow my Father? Why?

Because I love Father. If that is not good enough, then, I am a man. I must do something constructive with my life. I must do something. I cannot just live and die.

Even animals leave something behind, skin or meat, something that will benefit others. I'm much more than the animals. I'm mankind. What must I do? I want to leave something behind that will ultimately benefit mankind. What other reason do you need to unite with Father? You should give the reason to yourself. I love Father. I'm his son. I came from him. He's my origin. No matter how great I am, without his presence, without his love, without Father's love, parents love being consummated, I would never be here.

Knowing my origin is another reason for me to unite. Whatever the reason might be that will make you unite, you should give it to yourself The reason our church has not excelled is because we depended so much on others to inspire us. That is the wrong idea. That is the wrong concept. Soon or later, man must become responsible.

It is understandable that when you are a child the parents should rear you, take care of you and provide certain basic things. I understand that. In the same token, being in the position of a spiritual child, I can understand parents rearing you, giving you the necessary things for you to grow, develop and mature within the spiritual body. I can understand, but there comes a time when you have to take responsibility onto yourself.

You also must become Adam-like. In order for you to become perfected, you have to take the model of Adam and Eve and be of it. That is the key. We have denied ourselves up to now the freedom to be truly liberated. We denied it. We didn't want to grow up. We didn't want to take the responsibility onto ourselves.

You like independence. That means you have to take the responsibility into your hands, based on what is right. You must have the right concept. Based on a concept, things get manifested. For that reason, you must have the right concept. Based on what is right, you must manifest. You must act based on what is right.

Ultimately, every individual must go that course. Although we have this great understanding and great truth, we haven't propagated because we have failed to realize this key point, the importance of responsibility. That was the key. That was the key to liberating and perfecting Adam and Eve. Individuality. That is being involved in this creation process, becoming Godlike without His assistance.

That is the key. Understanding what is true and uniting with parents. You must find reason within yourself to unite. You must be responsible for yourself, for your own deeds, for your own being. You are an individual being. You are a unique and individual being. However, the way in which all this diversity, all of you, can ever have the possibility to unite comes only through the concept of True Parents. That is why we need True Parents. All these Godlike beings, how could they ever unite? How can we ever unite? We must have parents.

There might be some trouble within the family, among the brothers and sisters, but if there are solid and stable parents, the family will stay together. You must have that body in which all the different things can be harmonized. Everywhere you look, especially in the arts, the central theme is very important, a certain structural body which will unite all the different elements harmoniously.

In a way, the theme to represent humanity is True Parents. That is the body which encapsulates all the various, individual, distinctive elements, causing them to unite and be harmonious, creating a certain body of its own. That's a very important understanding that we all must share.

Knowing that, when you look at yourself, think about human history. There was always the importance of object figures. The relationship between subject and object has been stressed throughout history because restoration has been recreating what had been lost. It must be found. If the ideal union of man and woman was lost and there was a non-ideal world of man uniting with Satan, there has to be a substantial yearning or desire within to recreate ourselves, completely from scratch. That is also very important.

Many times Father talks about starting from the servant of servant's position ultimately climbing all the way up to the true son's position. What does that mean? Simply put, the servant of servant's position is the fallen position, the man who has fallen. Why? Angels are the servants of mankind. Because of the fall, you became the servant of servants, the object position. The fallen position itself is the servant of servant's position. From that position onward you must raise yourself all the way back to the true son's position.

When you first join the church what do you need to do? You must go through a seven year course of recreating the creation. Through fundraising you must restore the physical creation and you must have three spiritual children, restoring the position of the angels. In other words, you must recreate the original creation environment. After you join, ideally speaking, after you pass the seven year period, you are given the privilege to be blessed.

However, even after you are blessed, to fulfill the recreation ideal, and Father stressed this up to the 1800 couples, you should have up to seven years of separation. Why? First you must recreate the creation. Based on that seven years, you are blessed. You are given the right to be part of God's realm. Within that realm, within seven years, you must recreate yourself, recreate an ideal being. Than, after seven years of recreation of yourself, you can start recreating the family by starting the family at the end of the second seven year period.

The second trimester is totally dedicated to restoring yourself. The final trimester is dedicated to restoring the family. At least twenty-one years of condition to indemnify the family is necessary for you to become the true tribal messiah. That is why, up to now, all these Blessings represented certain symbolic positions which are necessary to unite all the different people, all the different tribes of the world. Every Blessing symbolized a stage leading up to the global foundation which is necessary for Heavenly Father and True Parents to ultimately unite the people of the world.

All these Blessings are absolutely necessary. The people who are involved in this recreation and restoration process must realize the importance of all these necessary conditions. Why do we stress these physical conditions so much? Because we need these kind of conditions. First, to separate from Satan, but that is not the end of it. You must sacrifice your physical body. You must have that physical sacrifice, the suffering of the body must be present in the course of restoration. You must lay that kind of condition in order to receive God.

This is based on the fall of man. God is a suffering God. You must inherit God. Absolutely. You also must be responsible for your historical failures. You have to be responsible. We are all connected. Based on the ideals of isolation and individuality, one will not take historical responsibility. However, you must understand that in order for us to create an ideal world of one global family, you must be responsible for the whole. You must be responsible for humanity.

I stressed in the beginning that you must become Adam-like. In other words, become Godlike. God is the representation of humanity. God represents everything in the creation. Starting from your individual self, you must erect yourself, magnify yourself, mature yourself in a manner such that you will ultimately encompass humanity, the universe, even God. That is your task.

This does not just end with your doing certain things and routine chores. That is not the end of your responsibility. Your responsibility ultimately lies in caring for humanity. You have to actually do something for the sake of humanity, for realizing the will of God.

Think about it. Starting from yourself, as an individual, realizing who you are takes time and dedication. It takes effort. That individual matures and gets married and has a family. Having a family and creating unity within that family also takes time. You have to go step and step, up and up. You have to ultimately put yourself in the position of responsibility that will make the difference on the world level.

How are you going to raise yourself to do that when you are always dwelling in the individual realm, always concerned for your individual well being? How are you ever going to reach that point when you will take responsibility for humanity? Only then are you a true representation of Adam. The perfection of man lies within becoming Adam-like, Eve-like. You must become True Parents yourself.

If your concern is still shallow, still dwindling and wallowing in your own individual hardships you have a long way to go! You cannot blame others for your own irresponsibility. You know that. We all know that. Everyone ultimately must fulfill these conditions. To become a true tribal messiah, at least 21 years of condition is necessary.

Some early blessed couples have failed. Many left the church. That is why we have reserves like you. It is not a joke. There are certain kinds of conditions, principled conditions, numerical conditions which are necessary to restore the world. Blessed couples are a symbolic base for each stage. The 124 couples represent the 120 nations of the world, Abel nations. The 430 couples represent restoration of Father's nation, of Israel [Korea]. After 430 years of captivity under the Egyptians, the Israelites were liberated by Moses. All these conditions are necessary. 777 is the number of liberation. It is representing three levels of perfection.

Having the primary nation, the Adam-like nation is important. Why? You must have Adam within the midst of humanity as the ideal model of God so that others can become like Adam, thus becoming like God. In the same way, you must have the Adam-like nation as a model for each of the nations of this world as an individual body. That is absolutely necessary. That is why all these conditions were set. Having a condition, a substantial foundation to offer to Heavenly Father, is necessary. Why? Because without that, God cannot intervene. God is, in a way, powerless. That is why all these things are necessary.

That is why we have you. After 2,000 couples, you felt that Father was becoming lenient. It is not that. It is that certain conditions were set. Father is giving you an opportunity, but these positions are necessary in restoring the world. Without that foundation of substance, you cannot separate from Satan. There is no way you can separate from Satan without it.

Uncertainty itself is part of the whole equation. We have to be responsible for ourselves in perfecting ourselves. We have to understand what God is desiring and what Father is expecting us to become and we have to become it. You must be responsible. All of this may be compact, but you don't need wordiness. Having said all this, what can we do to restore America?

I want to share with you what I believe. I want to give you my opinion. I want you to be involved and join with me in indulging in my own opinion. What is the most difficult problem we face in America? You know that we need membership. We need manpower. How can we increase membership in America? What's the biggest, most formidable enemy, the most formidable barrier which blocks us from fulfilling this goal?

Individualism! That is the Goliath that we are facing. Everybody is literally being raptured and tantalized by this Goliath. They are powerless when it comes to facing this Goliath. That is the most formidable thing that we are facing, individuality, individualism.

However, I see this, in a way, as our advantage. I don't see this individuality as a barrier impeding our progress. I see this as an opportunity. It is important that when we look at world affairs we note that the concept of democracy is now being propagated globally. It's affecting global affairs. The basis of democracy is individualism, giving freedom and liberty to each individual.

Each person has a certain authority and dominion over their own destiny. Based on self reliance, each one is in control of their own destiny. Fine. Great. I see this as a great hope. Why? As individualism persists and permeates every culture and region in the world, it will eventually neutralize all the traditional, ethnic, historical influences. It is a neutralizing agent.

Going back to the topic of the individual becoming responsible for himself in order to be ultimately perfected, then every man must have control over himself in order to be restored. The reason it has been so difficult in the past has been the traditional environments. Those environments influenced the individual not to take other courses other than what had been prescribed and allowed.

Environment. Tradition. This has been the great factor which has deterred mankind from separating from the satanic way of living. In the Middle East, up to just recently no other religion could even go there. If you were caught doing missionary work, you were put right away into prison. If you were caught somehow mocking or criticizing the king, the monarchy, you would be executed.

Under that circumstance, how can anyone expect mankind to change, when individuals must bring change within themselves in order for true restoration of humanity? In order to realize the true restoration of humanity, individuals must change. Millions of individuals must bring about change within themselves.

When the environment is forbidding you to change, how can you ever hope to change? You need to substantially change through this physical body, however physically you are being forbidden to do so, you are being suppressed. That is why individualism and democracy are spreading out on the global level at this time. It is a crucial happening. It must happen like this. This is a sign of the end of the world. This means that every individual of the world is literally taking control over the destiny of their lives. Every individual is now becoming the controller of their own destiny. This is the key. This is where we come in. This is where we come in with the word of God.

Having said that, the challenge is how to feed God's words to the people who are so strongly individualized. That is the key. That is why we must tap into what mankind naturally desires. Physically, spiritually, man desires happiness. The only way you can obtain spiritual happiness, eternal happiness is to unite with God. However, you can obtain physical happiness, temporary and very short lived happiness, by reciprocating with physical things. This is important. Because man desires happiness, having some kind of physical offering which will excite them and bring them happiness is the key to opening their hearts. That is why the cultural medium is so important. I'm not justifying anything. This is the truth. This is fact. This is reality. Satan realizes this. Based on giving what man desires, providing happiness to man, he is feeding his own ideals. That is where we are losing. We don't understand that. We have not realized the strategy of Satan, utilizing these things.

Music, graphic arts, literature, all these things bring us joy because different elements are harmonizing with one another. The whole concept of harmony brings us joy. Living with and reciprocating with those elements, man feels joy. Whether one perfects himself in the art of speaking, writing, making music or whatever, we must utilize those things which bring happiness to mankind in spreading the Word. That is the message. Why? Because words will change man. Based on words man was to act and substantiate, through his own reasoning manifest the ideals of God which were revealed in the Word.

Words. We must take this in the manner which fits the developmental phase of humanity. I have mentioned this before. In the formation stage man is physically oriented. Joy is derived from reciprocating with physical things. In the interim period [growth], it is more intellectual. It is like the whole creation itself. First the physical world was manifested, then individuals were erected on it. Ultimately that individual, being perfected centering on the will of God, understanding the ideals of God would unite with Heavenly Father.

In that sense, when you break down the developmental stages, the first stage is literally physical. You are enriched by physical things, by physical give and take. In the second stage you are more excited, more stimulated by intellectual things. You are more involved in doing intellectual things. It brings you greater fulfillment than just doing physical things. Using your mind, reasoning and utilizing your intellectuality brings you greater joy.

In the final stage, before you pass into the spiritual world, man gets more involved in internal aspects. Spiritual and internal things bring greater joy to mankind than the physical or intellectual things. As you get closer and closer to your death, people get involved with things that will satisfy them internally and spiritually.

Knowing this, in order to have dominion over the future we must focus on the formation and the growth stage. That is where Adam fell, on the growth stage. How do you expect the right growth period without formulating the right formation stage? You cannot expect that. You must focus on the formation stage as well as the growth stage.

When you go beyond a certain age, in your 20s and 30s, up to your 40s and 50s, you like complicated things. You like to get involved intellectually, but also man is an emotional being and in order to influence mankind, things have to be emotionally charged. It must have emotional quality. That is why communism could become so popular because it was based on these factual things, even if, it was all half-baked facts. These half-baked facts were based on emotionally charged data, emotionally charged facts. That is why it had an effect. That is why it so excited and stirred up man.

Anything, in order to truly influence you, has to be somehow emotionally packaged. If you are hearing it with words, how the words are formulated or how they are arranged with music, has to be done in a way that will provoke emotion. Otherwise, it will never change anyone, it will never let you influence another person. You must tap emotionally into that individual in order to influence that person.

If our objective is to influence the world by the ways of God, then we must tap into man's emotions. If you don't have the tools to stir up man's emotions, you are lost. Your endeavors will be futile, useless. American culture has really deteriorated, especially the young generation. Why? Because the pop culture literally thrives on the emotionality of man. I'm very disturbed about this reality. The only way we can truly have effect upon these things is to eventually have dominion over the emotional media. Father is now giving us the freedom to do it. In the past, because of the indemnity course, Father could not focus on these things.

Every step of the way, the subject and object union must be realized. When you look at it, these John the Baptist figures are necessary because when the messiah comes, he must unite the world. Based on unity of the family, on the foundation of substance at the family level realized by Abraham's family through Jacob, it took 2,000 years to prepare a tribal foundation -- John the Baptist's foundation. To purify and prepare the John the Baptist foundation took that long. Based on that foundation a tribe representing a "body of being," something pure could be formed.

Purity is another key, the separation from evil, separation from Satan. Considering humanity as a whole, the purest [representation of] humanity is the tribe. Not looking at individuals, but as a group of people, the purest level of humanity is the tribe. Purest meaning the integrity of the body, having certain integrity, certain characteristics. Having certain characteristics, as a body of humanity, the tribe is the basic form.

Based on that prepared foundation of tribe, Jesus came to unite with that central tribal body. Then he would unite all the other tribes of which the nation consisted. Then he would go to unite the nations of the world, making united nations, centered on Jesus. All these things, uniting the world had to happen within his lifetime. That is why all the preparation was necessary. Jesus came as the King of kings. The Bible said true things. Jesus came as the King of kings, but he would be rejected by the world. What is that?

In one sense the Bible tells us that he will be the King of kings and in the other sense the Bible tells us that he will be rejected by the world. If that position of John the Baptist failed to unite with Jesus, he would be rejected by the world. In other words, he would have to start from servant of servant's position and go back on up, taking the blunt end of all the suffering and overcoming it. He would have to restore the position that had already been prepared for him.

If John the Baptist would have united with Jesus, what would have happened? Obviously, Jesus would have become the King of kings. That is how it goes. Father also lost that John the Baptist position. They all failed. His history is filled with John the Baptist figures. There were so many religious groups prepared to receive Father, but they ultimately failed because of their individual interpretation of the revelation.

Selfishness got involved and perforated the revelation. You have to negate yourself. That is the key. Why? Because love is sacrifice. In order to obtain love you must have duality. There must be subject and object, just as the Word itself was the initial action of God in formulating the creation. That was the initial action. Based on that Word, if Adam would have united, that would have caused reaction. Cause and reaction, cause and reaction will give momentum to bring life to God's ideal world.

All that was lost. In becoming an individual being, Adam-like, you must understand the position of subjectivity as well as objectivity. Why? Because God is also like that. Although He is the almighty God, He is the object to love. He will not deviate from true love. That is why He suffers. Why would you suffer if you had the power to control all the situations in your life? Would you want to suffer? No, Even God, because he is object to love, is helpless. That understanding is the key.

Having subjectivity and objectivity perfected within yourself is the key to ultimately becoming an ideal person. I stress these positions for good reason. All these conditions are necessary in order for Father to be doing what he is doing now, to make all these foundations. All these conditions have to be restored, because ultimately he has to restore the world.

At every stage the foundation of substance has to be present. That is why Father had to start from the beginning. All that spiritual foundation was lost. When it is lost, you have to do it over, because inevitably God will perfect His ideal world. He has that absolute right. That is His prerogative. He has chosen the ideals of love and He is the almighty God, and He will perfect it. What makes it difficult is that man is also a key figure.

If man is not united with God, the realization of the perfection of creation will be delayed. However, it will happen! It just depends on man's yearning to perfect that ideal world, the ideals of God. It literally depends on our effort. God did His part and He has only given us a little bit to prove ourselves worthy to become Godlike. It is a little condition, but necessary.

He created everything, but you need one condition to create yourself based on the will of God, the ideals of God. Then, you can have everything. That is the condition. Many people reject the concept of restoring the world based on heavenly kingship, monarchism. This makes mankind unite, to become one. It makes us create a body. You can do anything efficiently, without any hassle. In democracy it is very difficult to unite. In the ideal world, there will be monarchism, but that monarchism will be based upon love and sacrifice. The king will not be thriving, indulging himself through manipulation at the expense of the people. He himself will invest for the sake of the people. Because of his presence and that body of monarchism, everybody will be united and everything will be invested for the sake of that body. Historically, even Satan tried to create his own ideal monarchy, united kingdoms. However, it was all based on selfishness. It is the selfishness which we must cut away.

Now, recapping what I said, there are certain conditions you must lay down in order for you to complete your mission of becoming a tribal messiah. Not everyone is given the position of tribal messiah, however you must take that responsibility onto yourself. Although you are not truly there at that position, you must have the understanding that "I will become the tribal messiah of my own tribe, starting from my own family. I will realize unity within myself, based on my spirit. I will unite with True Parents and I will unite the family centering on my Blessing, and I will unite my own families based on my family. I will set an example to the other members of my clan through my family."

You must have that kind of understanding. That is proliferation. That is how we multiply. That is the idea upon which we must focus. It is important that each person understand their individual responsibility. It must propagate. Just as True Parents are trying to unite the world, you must at least try to follow their footsteps by practicing Father's course, the model which Father has set, within your own life. That is the beginning.

There will come a time when all these foundations are ready to spread the word. The reason that Father is now giving you the freedom to go out and do whatever you want is to spread the Word. Of course it is within the context of the Principle, but he is giving us the freedom to choose certain tools by ourselves, based on what we are good at doing based on our own judgement.

He is giving us the freedom to go and choose the tool to propagate the message. Why? Because as Father told us, "I have completed the condition of indemnity. I have walked the course of the cross. I have laid forty years of pure indemnity condition and I have erected all the conditions that were lost. Now, I am giving you the right, based on the indemnity paid by me. I am giving you the freedom to take whatever you see fit in spreading the word. Do it. By all means, do it."

He is giving us that freedom. He restricted us in the past because we were still walking the course of indemnity and we had to suffer. Now, because of the indemnity that has been paid, we can go the course, the right course, the natural course in propagating the message. Now, we can control our environment. Father has paid the indemnity and we can expand our message into the environment. How can we do this? We have to work through all the cultural media.

Another problem in America is too much information. People are fed up hearing things, so the effect of the media is decreasing gradually. The effectiveness of media is limited to certain factions of society. It is not broad; it is not encompassing. It has an effect, but not over everybody, especially not over youth. Media alone has no power over kids, to the generation now growing up. We must have cultural media, arts and entertainment. Music is important because it literally carries words. Why is it so effective with young people? Because it is physical joy. Music itself is a physical phenomena. It is a harmonious physical phenomena and it gives us joy.

On top of that, we are literally giving a message. In a way, we are sugarcoating the medicine. Up to now, Satan has sugarcoated poison and has poisoned young kids. Now we have to take the same concept. He does it first because he is trying to create his own ideal world. All the dictators in the past have understood the art of propaganda. They understood how to affect mankind through emotionally charged things.

We have to utilize these things with true love and wisdom. If we don't use them, we will miss the boat. I'm not saying that music alone will do it. Certainly not! Music, literature, media, documentaries, drama, everything, all the arts, whatever. All these things have to be combined and create a cultural medium which can make an ideal environment.

That is my responsibility. I believe that this is my responsibility. I believe that all the foundations which Father has erected I must preserve and secure, and ultimately make grow, make prosper, based on Father's ideals. That means that I have to be in control of the environment. That is why these things are very, very important. If we don't have it, we can't do it. Somebody has to do it.

We are now trying to go public. On May 15th, our group, Ancestors, will be playing in Carnegie Hall. It is our major debut in public. It is our attempt to go out into the public domain. We can't just go out without having certain preparation. We have to be ready. In this particular instance, if you are using music as a tool to getting the message through, then you have to understand what the enemy is doing in respect to this particular strategy. You have to understand all the strategies that are utilized within this particular medium.

That is why preparing, knowing how to produce a good sound, having good players, competent players that can take on the responsibility of that body is essential. The band itself is a particular, unique body. That unique body must also be perfected. You cannot just go out based on some concept and expect to do it. No. You must have the perfected body. The body has to at least be able to carry out certain functions.

Of course, our purpose is to perfect ourselves in anything that we are involved with. We will perfect it, but you have to start somewhere. With this preparation we can attempt and we can initiate. I feel that now is the time to initiate. We have to go on. This is just the beginning in restoring this Satanic environment. This is the beginning, but we have to start. Well, now it is starting.

I feel excited. Of course, I am thinking about all the things that might happen going out in public. We will take a lot of flack from the Satanic world, however, we will overcome it. The truth will come through. The reason they denied and rejected Father and persecute us is because they do not know what we are all about. No one is giving out true information. Okay. We are now going to give the true information.

Give and take is very important. Having that physical body is very important, especially in the creation. Having that body which can unite with humanity is a very important thing because that itself is the beginning of change. There has to be union within the physical body. Change comes when things are physically united. In the same way, we have to link up physically with the outside people, encounter them.

That's why Joe looks the way he does. I want him to look as he does, just to initiate the bonding process. Then, afterwards, we will cut his hair off in front of everybody on national TV. We will tell them, "Hey, beauty does not lie on the cover." If they like Joe's music just because of they way he looks, what is that worth? If he looks different, that doesn't make his music different. It is what is inside that makes the person.

Just to make that kind of stupid symbolic point, we would do that. The thing is that we have to bond physically. There has to be bonding first in order for change to come. That is an important thing. Father is now giving us that freedom. Until now, because of the indemnity period, things had to be sacrificed. We couldn't go the natural way; we had to sacrifice. Now, because of the condition of indemnity, we can go the natural way.

What do you think? What are you going to do? Are you going to sit there and muddle, just wallow in your own self made misery? You have to help us, help me. You have to go and change something. Become a good speaker, a good writer, a good artist. I don't care what. Fuel is necessary, food is necessary. To become a good scientist or a good organizer of a business or whatever is important. However, the most important thing is spreading the Word. You think about it.

In your business, utilize your talent. You should excel in it and become respected by all your peers and use that as a means to deliver the Word! Whatever you do, find the way to deliver the word. You must perfect your body. Try to be best at everything, more than what we are given. We all have special talents, but more than what we are given, because we are left with the task of restoring humanity.

We are still left with the task of unification centering on True Parents. We have to expand ourselves, take up the greater burden, greater responsibility, greater hardship. Don't see it as a burden. It will only bring you glory, but don't do it for the sake of glory! You don't have to ask for what is due to you; it will come to you. Father has set the standard. You look at Father's standard and try to emulate that.

Do your best. Capture Father's essence. To understand Father, you have to sacrifice. You have to understand the meaning of sacrifice. Do your best. Sacrifice. Ideally speaking, do you think I should do all these things, erecting everything again from the beginning up? No. However, I'm not complaining because this is necessary. I don't blame you for it. I could. However, I feel it is much wiser for me not to.

If someone has to do it and I have chosen to do it, why should I complain? Why should I bicker? If I'm going to do it anyway, why should I put myself into that kind of self-made misery? Is it wise? No, it is not wise. You are in control of yourself, your own destiny. Why do you choose to do that? Why do you choose to bring misery to yourself? I don't understand that. I don't see the logic in it. It's foolish. I don't want to be a fool.

Father certainly did not teach me to become a foolish person. He is the wisest person that I know of throughout all of history. He certainly walked the course no matter how difficult it was, with gratitude. That is wisdom. Somebody had to restore humanity. Father was given that mission and he took it with a wise heart and a wise mind. He went even further. He transcended just "wisdom" into true loving, truly caring for humanity and concerned for God.

That is my next target. I might be wise now in relating to reality, but I truly have to have concern and love in everything that I do. The words that I am speaking here in front of you, I am doing it because someone has to do it. Sooner or later I will come here and speak to you and I will love to do it. Sooner or later. Honestly, I don't love it now. I'm doing it because I have to do it, and it's difficult because I have so many things that I have to be doing!

It's my problem, not your problem. I'm doing it because someone has to do it, but I will love it. I will love whatever I have to do. That is my ultimate goal. That is why I try to be as humble as I can. I'm pretty humble actually. I just speak loud. just because I speak loud does not mean I'm not humble. Because I criticize you does not mean I'm not humble. I'm just concerned. I'm concerned for Father and for our work. That is my way of being concerned. You understand that, right? [Yes.]

I try to be humble because if I'm in the position of a leader, I must keep humility. That's very important. If I stick myself above the rest, then only "my presence is the greatest." I'm not the only creation of God. If I'm to love Heavenly Father, I must love not just myself, but everything else, I have to realize the beauty in all the objects that I have connection with.

That is why I try to keep my humility and see the value, the "Abelness," in all the people with whom I associate. That's the model I keep for myself. That's the only way I can become a good leader. That's the only way I can truly possess all the creation. Is the whole creation me? No. A part of creation can be seen in you. Everybody shares in God's creation.

That's the concept that I try to develop within myself and mature in myself. I believe that it is right. I will try to do my best. Am I wrong? [No]. If I am, set me right, set me straight. That is why we have to work together. This opportunity is great. Father is giving us the freedom. I want you to become ready when the time comes for us to start broadcasting things through our own television network, our television station.

Bonding is important. Blond hair, blue eyed, brown hair, green eyed, purple eyed people, whatever, can appear and share the words of Father with the American public and the world for that matter. You can share your experiences, your wisdom, all these things. The time is coming, but we need to be prepared. We have to prepare ourselves for that time.

Go and master the art of speaking or writing or whatever. Excel in it. Do well. Try to become the best. Not for yourself, but for the sake of God. For the sake of God, for the sake of Father, I want to become the best. I don't give a hoot about all the glory. For me, it's not exciting as some of the other things that I enjoy. Authority is something I don't enjoy so much as other things. This is not my enjoyment, but I'm doing it for the sake of Father.

I truly love being outdoors and mingling with creation, chasing after a deer or something. Some people say, "Oh, that's the ultimate concept of controlling." I think, "Okay, okay, okay." That's not where I'm at. I just want to go and get it, and eat it. I just want to give that deer the opportunity to be a part of me. I feel great about that. That's how I see it and I truly enjoy it. Everything wants to become higher and higher. Then, I'm giving them that opportunity. I love animals.

The point is that I just want to do my best and bring joy and glory to Father. I know that I have my work cut out for me I have to work harder and harder. In the future there is so much that we have to do. I'm going to have the mind that is necessary to deal with that.

I'm going to accept the difficulties. I'm going to accept the concept of suffering. I will take Father's course as a model course and I will try to use Heavenly Father's course as a point of assessment of what is right or wrong in my life. I will cut through all the Satanic temptations and all his barriers which will lie ahead of me. I know it's inevitable because he will struggle to the end.

However, I will be victorious. As long as God has people who are willing to walk like Father there is no place here on earth for Satan. I know that and I absolutely believe that. That is the essence of the Principle. I will be the foundation of substance to God. I will be the foundation of substance of love. I will love my Father more than anybody. That's the kind of spirit I will indulge and grow in.

All the other thoughts aside, I will try my best. I just expect for you to do at least as much as I am. I won't ask for anything more. I will try my best to do more for Father. Let's all do it with that kind of understanding, that kind of love and dedication for Father and True Parents.

I know that I may have missed out on something, but I will catch it later. I will see you again. Thank you for coming. God bless you.


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