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The Point of Division Between Prosperity and Perishing

Hyo Jin Moon

Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA

February 23, 1992

We all understand why Heavenly Father needed religion, and specifically why Heavenly Father needs the Unification Church. It is because of the fall of our first ancestors, Adam and Eve. This world, which should have been Heavenly Father's ideal domain, the realm of the ideal family and world, became a den of thieves, a world centered on Satan.

Thus it is important because God must ultimately realize the perfection of His creation. That is why He must manifest some type of His reality within this fallen world. Therefore, religion has played a key role in establishing God's reality amidst this satanic, fallen environment. Furthermore, the reason that the Unification Church is so important is because it is God's true reality amid the confusion and disunity among religion itself, which is supposedly the medium by which God can bring His environment to the fallen world. The Unification Church symbolizes the ultimate manifestation of God's reality in the fallen world.

It is important that this be realized because we learn through our environment. We learn through observation and experience. Thus it is most important for us to create an environment where people, especially growing children, can see an ideal situation so that they can emulate that situation. Everything, including the essence of love, is based on the principle of give and take. If I am to receive certain things, there has to be an environment, some element that can give me those things which I need to understand and absorb in order for me to grow.

So the kind of environment that can give these children who are growing up and nurture these children spiritually and physically in a healthy way so they can become productive children of God. So it is very important since God has initiated this creation to manifest love. Man was to become the recipient of that love initiation and we were to reciprocate that love. We must create an environment where we can initiate this love process. That is very important. That's why we need religion, that's why we have, amid all the religions of the world, the Unification Church: to initiate the ideal love process, the environment that can motivate people, that can give direction to people to initiate love in a proper manner which God can receive.

Different reality

But the reality is very different. Everywhere you look, it is clear that the God-centered environment is lacking to a certain degree. It is not to the point where we can move people, affect people's lives on a day-to-day basis. Certainly that is our task, that is our homework for the future. How can we affect people of the world? Not just those right around the Belvedere area, but the people of the world how can we affect their lives on a daily basis? That is our ultimate goal. Ultimately this whole world has to become God's environment, it has to become God's domain. Therefore, we have to be able to reach people on a worldwide level on a daily basis. We have to have absolute dominion over our spiritual destiny as well as our physical life. That is our task for the future.

I worry about these things because my children are now getting older. My Shin Jung is seven now, she will be in third grade. Every time she comes home she brings all sorts of ideas which I never introduced to her. I have a terrible time explaining these things to her on a daily basis. It drives me crazy! On top of all the miserable things that I sometimes have to face, I come home and my children sometimes are going nuts! I can't believe some of the things that they are saying. And I can't just prohibit them from speaking about these things. They dwell outside of my house at least half of the time each day. I can't control that. If the bottom line is for me to control them, then I am absolutely impotent. That is the reality. They play dress up and I observe them. They are not just putting on makeup and clothing. They are putting on a certain attitude, a certain understanding and mentality. That is what is frightening. This is just the beginning.

I feel very scared to see my children growing up. They grow up so quickly. I want to do more, not just for my children but because this is necessary for your children as well. Obviously. For the thousands, ten thousands of the second generation. We are all faced with that harsh reality that we do not have complete control over. It is very different from, for instance, keeping a gun in your house. You can always lock it up safely, keep it unloaded, and bring it out to use only when needed. That might be okay. You can control that. But life is not like that. Guns are potentially deadly. You can also have a great time with them, you know, go out hunting, release stress and provide meat. But certainly that gun has an element of danger; it can kill people. Even if no one intends to, a gun can kill accidentally. Something like that, which you can control most of the time, can also get out of your control and create problems. But think about the harsh reality of this world.

Think about the difficulty of controlling the reality, think about the attentiveness that one has to give the task at every moment. It requires absolute dedication. Somebody has to be literally alert at all times. Every step of all the procedures that go on in using these elements that can have control over the harsh realities of our environment.

Every step of the way, every single hour, moment, second. Now this is the reality that we must address, and if we are going to fully challenge and ultimately conquer this harsh reality, we need people who can actually take control over every second of their lives. And not just their lives but also the affairs of the Unification Church.

And have the ability to do all of the things, to run all of the organizations, 24-hours-a-day without stopping the force of movement. Only then can you control this reality.

Overcome difficulty

What happens to our desire when we encounter difficulty? Sometimes we are so lazy or selfish, that when we face something difficult, our desire to be the greatest can be compromised at that point. We can just completely give up that desire to be the greatest in the face of difficulty. And we call ourselves ideal men and women? Think about God, if He had changed His mind, compromised His goal of restoring humanity. At least you can dedicate your life within your short lifetime. Many times we feel that we are getting nothing out of what we do. I feel that the only thing being sucked from me is suffering and effort. It gives me suffering. You can only understand when you are in that person's shoes.

I don't want to give up these things. I have spent a great deal of time with Blessed children, a great deal of time at the Manhattan Center, and I am not going to lose all of that. Not going to throw it away. That is a practical point. I am not going to just throw away my life. What would II get in return? I must do more.

There is that Oliver Stone movie, JFK. It is forcing the American government to open up the files which have been hidden for over three decades. That is the power of the media for you. It is forcing this powerful government which was going to keep the documents locked up for another 30 years, until 2025 or something like that. Now they are releasing them because of public pressure. Changing things in America is simple, if you know how to do it. The people have the power, theoretically at least. The thing is, we have to let them know that they have the power.

The MTV station has been carrying out a "Rock the Vote " Campaign and has been tremendously successful. These people have absolutely no vision, no moral values whatsoever, yet they felt the need to get the 18 through 24 year-olds register to vote. Hardly any from that age group have been voting. There are about 25 million potential American voters in that age group, but only 30 percent vote. New Hampshire is a very small state, but they were able to register 10,000 new voters there through the MTV campaign. Just think about the immense potential. That is a fact. We know these realities, but what are we going to do about it?

Our prosperity or perishing it lies in your hands. Are you going to do something? We are at the point now where we can educate people, and achieve things in music and videos. We will also have a newspaper department and writing department you know, for movies and newspapers, and all these things. We have to have writing teams, a writing department. We now have a basic foundation to start these programs of education of people for the future.

Training ground

I am going to do that. We are going to start sending people from Korea for this purpose soon. Before July. We are going to take Blessed children initially, and second generation members over dozens at a time. We will increase the numbers as we go along, as we expand. But with our facility at this time, I can only accommodate a few a time. Running everything, meeting all the financial demands and so on. It is a business, of course. I can't just completely dedicate it for education purposes.

We have to be self-sufficient, self-supporting. So I can only take a handful of people at a time. But as we expand, we will take more and more people. We will give these people knowledge to control these machines, learn to create their own programs. To make a difference in their own society and environment. As I said, if we are going to recreate this world, then we must have dominion over our creativity. I am going to give them the means to have utilize all their creativity and then to create a product through their creativity. We will do that! That's going to happen.

Many of the Blessed children, think about it. They were just kids who had no knowledge, with no experience whatsoever. They are now up to the standard of professionals. They know how to run their own things, their own machinery. They know how to make proper sounds. They know how to do everything with the recording equipment. They know the procedures and all about sound engineering. They can do it on their own without anybody helping. That is great! Giving them tools to make products that can make a different. It will not be just one on one, but one making influence on the masses.

Here is one example. One person circulating tapes through his daughter gained 70 signatures to attend the rally. People were shocked. It is very difficult to get that many signatures because when they sign, they also have to pay a fee. Our policy is for everybody in our facility to come, and once they come they have to listen to Principle lectures. I'm happy to say we are sending three people to this summer's cultural event. They are our new engineers who came to work in our facility. They are very good hearted. Through our staff's diligent efforts in conveying Father's words, being an example to them. They really inspired them to join, to make that commitment to be Blessed by Father. That's great! If that's not something to be proud of, what is? We should all feel that way.

Doing our work and at the same time, witnessing. Just living with Father's words and becoming an example to others. That is good enough to change their lives. That's great! We've got to do this on an extensive scale, we've got to let everybody see the life and dedication of our members worldwide. We must have the vision of restoring this world centered on God and True Parents. Yes, we can change this world! What do you think?


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