The Principle of Creation

Hyo Jin Moon October 1, 1989

In September, Father asked Hyo Jin Nim to lecture Divine Principle at Belvedere Sunday service.

Good morning. Can anybody share with me the purpose of creation? (Joy.) According to the Principle, the purpose of creation is to bring joy to Heavenly Father. How can God attain His joy? He must have man, right? The existence of man is absolutely necessary for Heavenly Father to have joy. Man's value lies in being able to provide joy to Heavenly Father. What is the process for attaining joy? It comes from man becoming one with God's ideal. Centering on God's ideal, man's responsibility is to unite with Heavenly Father, thus bringing Him joy.

At this point, it is very important to realize the meaning behind the existence of the angelic world. In Hebrews 1:4, it says that true man is made much superior to the angels. And in Cor. 6:3, "Do you not know that we are meant to judge the angels?" The Bible says that angels are subordinate to man. Man is meant to be subject. Why is this so important?

In Genesis, we see that Heavenly Father created the world with the assistance of the angelic world. So, prior to the existence of the physical world, angels existed. And if the angelic world were in the position to assist Heavenly Father, that means they were in a position in some way comparable to God; they could understand and bring fulfillment to His needs. Angels knew about the inner qualities of God. That means they must also have possessed those qualities. Then why is God saying that man is in the position of subject to the angels? The reason is that man is to become the physical embodiment and manifestation of the spiritual God.

Purpose of the Angelic Realm

It says clearly in Rev. 2:9 that angels are servants to man. When John was guided by the angel to see the vision of the Kingdom of Heaven, he was very moved by it, and afterwards he knelt down in front of the angel. The angel turned to John and told him not to bow to him because he was his servant.

Angels are clearly in the position of objects/servants to man. Why is this important? Because there has to be a clear subject and object relationship in order for God's ideal to be manifested on earth. An absolute subject and object relationship is necessary in order for God's ideal to be manifested. The meaning of the foundation of substance is exactly that: subject and object relationship. The whole history of mankind is about restoring this relationship.

Subject/object relationship is the reason that God created the angelic realm. How can one attain happiness? One must have an object, right? Without a reciprocal base, there is no substantiation of love. With the help of the angelic world, God created the world. They are servants, objects to Heavenly Father. Within Himself there is original sung-sang and hyung-sang and through this reciprocation comes the manifestation of the ideal. Therefore, the fulfillment of creation lies in man having dominion over all created beings. Man's perfection lies in becoming subject to the angels, because if man is to become the embodiment of God, man must possess God's quality of dominion.

You must also understand that the angelic realm is a spiritual stage. Heavenly Father is a spiritual being, and the reason for the creation of the physical world is to bring the ideal into manifestation. God's desire to substantiate joy can only be attained through the manifestation of this particular creation process. Joy was God's sole desire in creating. He did not want any of all the other possibilities, he wanted the one particular quality of true love to be manifested. The angelic realm represents the spiritual form of Heavenly Father, and based upon the reciprocal give and take in this spiritual stage, came the physical world.

Could Heavenly Father think about the possibility of the fall itself? Of course he could think about it, but was that the ideal of God, the purpose? NO! He knew what would happen if Adam and Eve took the fruit of good and evil, but that is not what He intended. So if the objects are like Heavenly Father, possessing His qualities, are they in the position to make that decision? God knew the consequences of the fall, and if objects are like God, then does the responsibility lie in the hands of the objects? (Yes.)

Dominion Over Creation

So how does the fulfillment of creation come? Centering on God and the angelic realm the physical creation came, but the perfection of this world comes through man gaining dominion over the creation, including the angelic world. Because man is the physical manifestation of God, if God has dominion over the angelic world, Adam and Eve must also have that dominion over the angelic world.

God has to be present within the physical stage, and in order for that to happen the person who represents God must possess godlike qualities. Having godlike qualities means having dominion over the angels. The significance behind the creation of the angels is that there must be a reciprocal base in order to manifest joy and love. God could have existed alone, but he wanted to manifest the ideal of joy and love. Within God, there are infinite and omnipotent qualities, but it is from the qualities of sung-sang and hyung-sang that He derives joy and love. That is the significance behind these dual characteristics. If want to manifest love, you must have an object.

Do you understand what it means that God gave everything for the sake of creation? Do you really feel it in your bones? Think about something that involves risk, like gambling. You can win a lot of money, but you can also lose everything. Or picture yourself losing your children, who bring you so much joy and comfort. Through your children you feel joy and happiness. You love holding your children in your arms because they return love and warmth to you. By imagining yourself losing your children, you are putting yourself in the position of Heavenly Father. When God told Adam and Eve, "Do not take the fruit of good and evil," that statement left a question mark, because if they took the fruit of good and evil, they would surely die. But at the same time, if they didn't, they would have eternal life.

To put Himself in that uncertain position was very, very difficult. If something terrible happened, He would experience incredible torment. So in order for you to understand Heavenly Father, you must put yourself in the same kind of situation. What do you hold dear? Put yourself in a situation where there is a possibility of losing the things that you hold dear. If you treasure comfort, put yourself in a position where you can lose that comfort. If you treasure money, put yourself in a position where you could lose that money. God was willing to put himself in that position of uncertainty for the sake of love. Do you understand now what it means that God sacrificed to create the creation? He knew that if things didn't turn out according to His plan, he would be walking the course of suffering and hardship. But He was willing to take that chance for the sake of love. Every time when you feel something, when you value something, put yourself in the position of Heavenly Father. It is very important for you to understand God's heart, and the way to do that is to put yourself in that position of losing the things that you value.

Physical World of Time and Space

God had to create this physical world because only through it can choices be made and manifested. Why? Because it is a limited world. Only through the physical world can you exclude things through making choices. You can eliminate undesirable elements from the physical world and make a world of only love.