The Purpose of the Messiah

Hyo Jin Moon October 15, 1989 Belvedere

Before I talk about the Purpose of the Messiah, I think it's important for us to recognize the existence of two intelligences.

According to the Principle, the first intelligence is the inner spiritual intelligence, which is realized through spiritual truth. The second intelligence is physical intelligence, which is realized through physical means or tactile truth. Just as we gain greater physical intelligence by understanding physical truth, we can ultimately gain spiritual intelligence as we truly tap into spiritual truth, which means God's will, or the inner desire of God. We all have some concept of right and wrong, and we can perceive signs of goodness and be inspired by certain people and events in our lives to commit ourselves to a life of faith. Those receiving inspiration which motivates them to become one with Heavenly Father are those who have put themselves in a position that enables them to understand greater and greater spiritual truth.

In order for us to truly understand Heavenly Father, first we must know God's will -- not just as a general idea, but the intricate details of how He intends to realize His ideals. Through Principle we understand that God needs mankind to realize His ideal purpose of creation. Man was created to become an ideal object to God and be able to receive and return the innermost essence of God. As man fulfills that responsibility of becoming God's object, he puts himself in the position to receive Heavenly Father and His truth.

I emphasize this because becoming the object to Heavenly Father has everything to do with improving our spiritual life and with understanding the Principle. I'm realizing more and more how important it is for me to become an absolute object to God and how with that attitude and commitment, I can gain spiritual truth and have more power to act.

What is becoming a true object? It means to give oneself completely, having an absolute faith in Heavenly Father and the works of True Parents. Once you start to dedicate yourself to that kind of lifestyle, your spiritual intelligence will expand.

Experiencing Truth

Many of you understand conceptually, but you may lack deep spiritual wisdom because you simply don't practice your understanding enough. Or you don't have sufficient belief to push yourself to endure the process required to reach this position of understanding God's truth. You can't stop at just realizing what truth is. To absorb that truth into your intelligence, you have to live it. Without experience, it is not going to be yours. It will always be something conceptual rather than innate. Only through experience can you truly distinguish a false notion from a true notion. You have to apply it, and your heart has to be within that process. Your mind and body must absolutely unite in making the concept work in reality in order for the understanding to become part of you.

When Father talks, there is a resonance. The quality of love has resonating power. When something resonates, it is not only heard or seen, but also felt. Would you like to just hear about the experience of love, or would you rather feel love? What will make you understand more deeply? Without experiencing that kind of emotion that occurs when you embrace your spouse, you don't understand the deep, inner meaning of love. You have to feel it.

If I want my voice to resonate, I have to be in the kind of space where sound will reverberate. Through that reverberation, I will not just hear the sound but I will feel it. Then I like it more. That's why when I listen to my music I want to turn it up, because I don't just want to hear it, I want to feel it. I want to feel all the high and low frequency notes impacting on my body. It's exciting. This increases my experience of appreciating that music.

If ideals dwell within me, and if I want to share them with someone, my voice reverberating out into the universe, then I have to be where the voice of true love can resonate. I must find that ideal space where I can speak ideal things and where my ideal words will resonate.

Where do you think that space would be? True love exists only within God. If I want my true love to be ringing all over the place, I must find that space within God. That is why I want to become an object to God. Once we put ourselves in that position, we can start not just hearing our voice, but feeling our voice, feeling our emotions, and truly feeling and understanding our inner desires.

Only through experience can you truly taste and feel the love of God. Once you feel it, once you touch your wife, once you feel the great joy that lies behind love, you start craving it. You can't live without it. You must put yourself in the position to experience not just physical love, but heavenly spiritual love. I don't want to stress physical love; it's like the blueprint -- the experience that we feel physically should be felt spiritually. Once you experience such joy and happiness fully, it's not going to go away -- it is yours. If Adam and Eve had grown up to be the ideal object to God, that experience would never die. It would overwhelm them eternally.

Many of you are caught up in false experiences and manifestations. It is very difficult for you to break away from the bondage that has been manifested within you. But God planned our primary experience to be an ideal one. Only through the experience of spiritual truth can we become one with Heavenly Father and realize the value of True Parents. Only through responsibility can we attain God's will and become God's children. God wanted man to develop the same creativity that He had. Man's responsibility is to make that ideal choice to adopt the will of God and act upon that commitment to ultimately become like God. How can you receive God without becoming like Him? How can you experience the same love that I am going to experience without having the same faculties as I have? It is impossible.

Spiritual and Physical Salvation

The Third Blessing promises that through becoming perfect and being married and multiplying, centering on God, you are to have dominion over the creation. How are you going to take that responsibility without having the ability to embrace and embody Heavenly Father?

When people really get serious about Principle study, they are going to emphasize the Korean version of the Principle much more than the translated one. Unless you understand Korean you are going to be left behind. Actually, the meaning is even more specifically expressed in the version with Chinese characters. I always refer back and forth between the Chinese version and the Korean one. To not know Korean is a very serious matter, especially if you are a Principle lecturer.

The purpose of the coming of the Messiah is to establish the everlasting Kingdom of God here on earth. But in a deeper sense, the purpose of the Messiah is to bring both spiritual and physical salvation to fallen man. Most Christians believe that Jesus came to die for the sins of the world. By shedding his blood he would redeem the sin of man, and ultimately uplift fallen man to the standard of God.

This leaves a very big question. To understand the responsi