The Significance of the Forty Day Separation from Satan

Hyo Jin Moon Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA March 5, 1989 Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

The ideal being is one who has shim jung in the subject position and the physical body in the object position. In the secular world, people's lives are based only on external ability. They unite only according to external things. The ability people have is the dominating factor that rules man today. If I have ability in music, that becomes the subject that dominates my life. Whatever you choose to be, whether it is a politician, lawyer, etc., you will become one with that ability. Becoming one with and following only the physical body has false value.

The reason the fall occurred was because Satan yearned for Adam and Eve's position. He yearned for certain physical attributes. Satan did not look at God's love from a holistic view, only externally. Heavenly Father loved Lucifer. He had a special purpose for the angelic world. Why do we need the angelic world? Mankind was in the position to receive Heavenly Father's love. Mankind must have the ability to become like Him. In order for Adam to inherit Heavenly Father's eternal love and build the kingdom of heaven on earth, he needed to have some basis to reach spiritual perfection. Having subjugated and dominated the spiritual world with love, Adam and Eve would ultimately reach Heavenly Father's level. Heavenly Father needed to unite with mankind (His children) to reach His ideal and to substantiate His ideal and love. In order for Adam and Eve to receive and understand Heavenly Father's heart, they must have that same experience as a base. The angelic world was necessary so that Adam and Eve could become the physical embodiment of God. Through that, God would have physical dominion over the world. The angelic world was absolutely necessary for Adam and Eve and for Heavenly Father to reach perfection.

The angel was in the position of object to mankind, but the angel subjugated Adam and Eve in the act of the fall. We can see the clear result of the act. The fall occurred because Satan was longing for the position of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were receiving a different love than what he was receiving. The object longed for the subject position. There was a reversal of roles. Satan tempted Adam and Eve in order to somehow subjugate them. He thought he could become one with Adam and Eve and then receive that kind of love from Heavenly Father himself. Tempting Adam and Eve absolutely deviated from God's ideal.

Love encompasses everything. The creation, humanity and all things exists within love. The ideal is for mankind's physical body to unite with his shim jung. I am not denying that we have a physical body. Father has all these physical attributes too, but these physical things must belong to Heavenly Father, the essence of whom is shim jung. If you lived like that you would look at each other with the eyes of love. Ability in music and poetry all belong in the realm of love. None of that is the same as love, but they exist within love. The Archangel has rejected this ideal. That is why many of you still have that kind of thinking. That is the fallen nature. We have to go back to the ideal relationship of subject and object. The whole restoration process consists of trying to establish this ideal unity of shim jung as subject united with the physical body which is object.

The forty day separation period is part of our lives. We need to understand the importance of it. Do you know why we practice it?

Let's look at a failure that occurred in response to the forty day separation period. The symbol of the forty day period at the time of Noah clearly shows the claiming of ten generations. The forty day flood was the foundation to restore the vertical fall. It was vertical indemnity carried out horizontally. It is important for mankind to establish restoration with the physical world centered on the key players (central figures) who are to take responsibility. Within their lifetime, restoration has to take place. After the forty days separation through the flood, the world's situation was the same as it's time of origin. It symbolized the primary state of the Garden of Eden. Within the garden, there has to be an ideal subject/object relationship and four position foundation. For 120 years Noah built the ark. Through the forty day flood (separation) the world was cleansed. It came back to the original position. From this time, every action had to go forward according to the principle and Heavenly Father's ideal.

Noah was in the position to restore the Cain and Abel situation too. The reason Cain and Abel first came about was to restore Adam and Eve's failure. Through their own actions man could be separated from evil. Because Cain killed Abel, man annulled Heavenly Father's action to restore mankind. There was then no way, no foundation for man to reciprocate with God. There was a foundation of faith accomplished through Abel's offering, but the foundation of substance did not exist since Cain killed Abel. Through man's hands, God was denied once again.

This very act of rejecting Heavenly Father has to be restored. There has to be Cain and Abel restoration, Cain and Abel unity. This could take place centering upon Noah, who was standing on the foundation of the successful offering done by Abel. In building the ark that same foundation could be inherited. I am trying to go step by step to make this clear. All these little things you should have known a long time ago. That is why my life is getting more and more difficult. I have to pay attention to little details and that is not my nature. Within Noah's family the situation of Cain and Abel had to occur. Who was in Cain's position? [Some answered Ham and some answered Shem.] You are right, Ham was in the Abel position to his brother Shem, but in relation to Noah, Ham was in Cain's position. The offering is accomplished through the one in the Abel position and Noah was the one who had made the offering. It is not a brotherly relationship anymore, it is now a father/son relationship. If you think about it, that should have made it even easier for unity to take place. It is much easier for father and son to unite. God was trying to loosen the burden of mankind through this, but still, this son rejected his father!

Ham felt it was not proper to see his father naked. To his own subjective judgement it seemed wrong and inferior. The image of his own father looked inferior. Just as Lucifer had resentment toward Heavenly Father. Lucifer resented the fact that he could not receive love like Adam and Eve could. Based on his idea, the act of love seemed unjust. Satan's action was once again passed on and prevailed over Noah's attempt to restore. It was like the second garden of Eden. God thought Adam and Eve looked beautiful in their birthday suits. If Ham was united with Heavenly Father his father would have looked beautiful to him. Ham rejected this notion.

The period of ten generations to Noah was a process to restore the ideal intention of Heavenly Father. The ten generations was substantial indemnity. In Divine Principle it says the number ten is the number of perfection. Does anybody know why? Let's give and take. [Many brothers and sisters offered ideas.] What is the significance of the number forty? [Three members offered answers.] This kind of give and take is good. It makes you work harder. All the little things that I am saying to you do not just come. I have to think hard about them. You have to do that too. Ultimately you have to understand. Me too. Again and again I read the principle book, and each time I understand more deeply. You have to understand the idea of the three stages. To go to perfection, you have to go through the growth stage. Use your effort centered upon Heavenly Father and principle. Physically pick up the book and read it until you get it. You cannot rely on someone else to come up and speak to you all the time. What if you become a pioneer, working on your own somewhere? I have to do it through my own effort. An understanding of the principle will come and I can reciprocate Heavenly Father's love. You have to reach that point, otherwise your coming here does not mean anything.

We have been listening to Father without a clear understanding of principle. Many of the things I say you are just now realizing. In a sense it is a relief, but in another way disturbing. How can we really support Heavenly Father? The people of Israel did not support Moses, even after all the miracles God sent them. They still complained. [Hyo Jin Nim asks for some explanation of the forty day separation to sum up all the other answers given. One brother gives an answer.] In order to reach perfection, even before he created the universe, Heavenly Father had to lay a foundation for the formation, growth and perfection of His ideal. There needed to be initiation and then a period of growth into perfection. What He idealized is manifested on this Earth. To manifest His ideal, He made the creation. With what? By going through seven stages Heavenly Father manifested creation. God initiated by giving what? Two extremes. He said, "Let there be light and dark." This pattern followed through a growth stage ultimately reaching the creation of mankind, Adam and Eve (also two extremes). The ultimate stage is based upon Heavenly Father and man and woman. In unity they go through the growth stage into perfection. Their growth into perfection will accomplish the Kingdom of Heaven that ultimately belongs to Heavenly Father. The number ten symbolizes these three stages which lead to perfection.

The ancestors of mankind were in the position to live up to God's ideal, but they failed. The person who is taking responsibility for the foundation has to substantially restore that failure. All restoration has to occur on this earth through mankind. After ten generations, N