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There was never an age that faced such a crisis as we are facing today

Hyo Jin Moon July 18, 1985 Second CARP Convention of World Students Keynote Address Kokugi-Kan Hall, Tokyo Japan

World Carp Brothers and Sisters:

First of all, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to God and True Parents that we are able today to hold such a splendid Second CARP Convention of World Students.

Looking back at history, we see that there was never an age that faced such a crisis as we are facing today. With the development of science, it has become possible to explore space and to restructure the gene. The development of computers and robots has made man's life extremely convenient. Yet instead of enhancing the quality of human life, this rapid modernization has only further alienated man from his real self. Drug abuse, free sex, and other problems that cause demoralization and family disruption are still out of control. Starvation is rampant in Africa, and the religious struggle continues in the Middle East. The expansion of communism has become the final threat to all humankind.

From this viewpoint, we have to ask ourselves whether humanity is approaching a tragic end or if it can overcome these problems and march onward towards a bright eternal future.

What, then, is the cause of this worldwide confusion and crisis? It stems from the absence of absolute values. This means that unless a standard of absolute values is established which transcends nations, races, and religious doctrines, this crisis cannot be solved. If it is not solved, humanity is doomed, and we will lose God's love, God's ideal, and God's hope.

What is the ultimate absolute value? It is eternal, unchanging, absolute love. In order to establish the value of absolute love, a subject of absolute love is necessary, and this subject can only be God.

During the Middle Ages, Christianity predominated in the West, and Confucianism and Buddhism were paramount in the East. However, Darwin's theory of evolution, which denies the creation of the world by God, and a materialistic worldview began to spread under the name of science. As a result man's spiritual, ethical, and moral foundations were completely undermined.

We may say that the human crisis is the absence of a love relationship with God. Therefore, the most important question of our time is whether God, the subject of absolute love, will be accepted as the Parent of humankind, or rejected.

Many people today are not clear about such matters as good and evil, justice and injustice, and the purpose of life. These are essential questions which must be answered as a precondition for living a true and valuable life. Instead of striving to solve these questions, most people lead busy lives trying to satisfy material and fleshly desires.

Furthermore, religious people today selfishly maintain that only their religion is the true one, and engage in bitter struggles against each other. The confusion over ideology, as well as the conflicts caused by extreme nationalism, are all traceable to continuously growing disbelief in God, egoism, and prejudice.

Is there a solution to this worldwide confusion, conflict, and intolerance? Yes. A worldwide turning to Godism! I