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Those Who Want Change Verses Those Who Want To Keep Things The Way They Are

Hyo Jin Moon September 1, 1991 Belvedere, New York

Today my topic will be, "Those Who Want To Change VS. Those Who Want To Keep Things The Way They Are." Today I want to focus this message on several examples.

Most of you are blessed members. I gather that most of you have children. It is difficult raising children because there are so many things that come into their lives. You as a parent must understand what is right and wrong for your children, because they do not have the ability or the understanding to separate right from wrong. You must separate what is right from what is wrong in your children's lives. That is the responsibility of a parent. It is as simple as that.

Fulfilling that responsibility is not an easy task. Although your children are young, they have minds of their own and it is very difficult to control their lives. Picture yourself taking something your child likes away from him because you feel it will be detrimental to him. Even though your child wants it you have the duty to take it away. You have an obligation to take what is not appropriate away from that child. Is that responsibility easy to fulfill? Those of you who have done that know how difficult it is. It is difficult emotionally and mentally and many times it's difficult physically to sort out the situation so that child can see from your point of view.

Picture yourself trying to take something away from a 300 pound gorilla. You can take something away easily from a child, for example a very harmful, sugar coated candy, easily because you are much stronger than your child. Without even giving an explanation, you can physically take it away. However, when you're dealing with a 300 pound gorilla, which is much stronger than you, obviously the task will be much greater and more difficult. Why am saying this? Simply because my topic today is those who want who want to change things versus those who want to keep things the way they are.

Our responsibility as the Unification Church is to change this world based on Principle. We understand the value of the Principle; we understand why it is important and we understand that what the world has to offer is not correct in terms of God's Providence and Will. It doesn't come near what God expects from mankind. We want to change this world, but it is going to be very difficult without us having the proper strategy, goals and means to make change. It is not as simple as taking candy or a harmful toy away from a child. Compared to taking a toy from a child, taking something from a gorilla is difficult. However, even taking something from a gorilla does not compare to the difficulty of our responsibility to change this world.

One of our staff members at the Manhattan Center brought to me an article. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, American teenagers view television an average of 10,500 hours between seventh grade and twelfth grade. That amount of time is equivalent to a child's' attendance in an academic institution from kindergarten to the end of high school. So, they're actually watching television more than twice the amount of time they're going to school. It averages to five hours every day. You don't have vacation from television. There are no Saturdays or Sundays or weekends. It is consistent viewing day after day. An entire chunk of the child's lifetime, over 10,500 hours, is spent watching television.

And why do they watch? It's not just mere entertainment. For children, the television is a source of information and the source of their livelihood. They gain ideas about how life is and how they should dress, how they should find friends and what kind of friends they should find. They learn what kind of friends are cool and acceptable and what kind are not. They are literally being educated more substantially by the television than by the educational system.

I stand here and look at you, and I consider how you educate your children. You might educate your children when they're young, but what happens to your children when they go out into society and start to mingle with others? They have to go to school. Do we have schools in our church? Do we have our own universities in America? Do we have the educational facilities that we need for our children in the American church? No. It's a very serious point. Your children are growing up. How are you going to educate these kids? Without having the means to educate your children properly, how are you going to set the right standard and explain the bad standard as a parent? How are you going to separate right from wrong without the proper means to educate your children? You need some means to have a certain effect in your child's life.

When you look at your body, what is the most important thing? Of course the major organs, your arteries and veins are all important. However, your nervous system is very important. It is the system which relays messages and information, which is vital to your health. When you don't have full control over this media, it is going to be very difficult to send a clear message, not just to one single cell or single individual, but to the entire body of an organism. You must have a proper alignment and proper order and based upon that you must have a proper system to communicate. You must have a proper medium through which to share information with one another. That is essential.

Some people are saying, "Let's stick to the old ways of filling up lecture halls." That's the old way, the traditional way. Let's play with numbers for a second. We have to educate five billion people. Are you going to physically get five billion people into a physical place? If that is your idea, fine. Let's see how realistic that is. In order to take people off the streets and collect them in one place and physically give lecture on a one to one basis, you would need to gather a thousand people every day for fourteen thousand years.

Let's raise the number. If you gathered one million people every day, it would still take fourteen years to educate all five billion people on earth. Let's exclude children-it would still take over a decade to physically educate five billion people. If you want to do that, go ahead.

I decided to speak about this after I heard some things several weeks ago, but I didn't come last week because I was busy. I remember one time I came here and spoke to you about special effects, particularly dealing with Terminator 2. Before I mentioned it I specifically said that, the content of the movie is stupid and childish, however, look at the nuclear holocaust scene. I have seen many documentaries about nuclear testing, but what I saw in that one particular scene, which only lasted a split second, when this bomb exploded in a metropolitan area and flattened out whole buildings, looked so realistic. I said this because it is our responsibility is to show the people of this world today what they can expect tomorrow. Father is telling them, "Hey, listen to this principle and take it to your heart". Why? Because tomorrow will be a better tomorrow.

I was just making a statement and somebody said "Oh, this childish reverend." This lack of understanding and disunity is a disease in our church. You still haven't separated from your stupid arrogance and self made pride. Why do I take my time to come and speak to you? Some of you appreciate it and write me letters. The only reason I come here is because I want to do something to help Father and I feel the Unification Church has to be a little more in control of the times. We're the prophets. We must be on top of, we must have dominion over, the present time, space and environment. That is why I am telling you, look at the Christians. We sooner or later have to face them and confront them based on the truth of how things should be in the ideal world. That is our responsibility and it is right ahead of us. All these television ministers are going full force trying to gain control over the cultural media and information media. Many of you, many of the first generation leaders, especially the Korean leaders and some Japanese too, are not up to date. It's different from your time.

When I was growing up in the sixties in Korea, we had television only in the wealthy, privileged houses. I didn't grow up with a full understanding of the impact of telecommunications. Not to mention what the elders might have thought about it based upon when they grew up. The only way to converse or communicate with each other in the past was through literature and through writing. That is a different format. Today is a completely different era. We are con-Ling closer to a time where Father can literally have control over the environment of this world. just because you haven't really experienced the effect of telecommunications fully first hand, and the power and influence it has, does not give you the right to just brush it aside. It is your duty to understand how the world is working and how the world is changing. It is your obligation to have complete, full comprehension about the changing attitude in the circumstance in the world to support and serve Father. That is your responsibility, not to just hold on to the old ways.

Even when we write literature, the main focus is to spread the message. Spreading the word is the essence when we write. When kids listen to music four or five hours every day, what happens? Do they just listen to physical phenomena? No way! Many of you don't like it because I use foul language. I'm very up-front. You sit there nodding and yawning. We don't need arrogant people like that. You just wait and see. If you are such a know-it-all, where is your substantial result? Without having anything, without bringing any substantial results to change the world, you sit there idle and conceited.

It is very important for us because the media is changing people. Why do you think so many companies are spending millions of dollars to use media for a greater market share? Do you think they're stupid? No, they do it because it works. It influences people. Why do they plaster sexual images one after another? Ninety five percent of all the images shown on MTV have to do with explicit sex. It is sexual exploitation. Look at all the commercials which sell sneakers, clothes, even cars to your children. They're using naked bodies. They're using all this illicit imagery to excite young people. Thoughtless people, people who are bound to their regular routines, they are helpless in a sense, because physically they are limited. They have literally reached the end of physically maintaining their sanity. They really do not have greater energy to go probing deeper into how things are working. So they just follow the regular routines. These people are the victims. Yes, there are a handful of people who are aware of this exploitation and are sane. But they are not effective. Why? They do not have the right means. They really do not understand how the entertainment medium works. They are very naive in terms of understanding how things work. They are very naive in terms of creating in an appropriate manner so that it will appeal to the masses. They might have some content but they lack the ability to externally package it.

Why is telecommunications so important and so effective in the reaching children? Because they are growing. Ideally, as children mature through the growth period, they are to observe the ideal things. Through observation you learn. Satan completely has dominion over this medium which presents, in a very appealing way to the children, how he says things are. When you and I as Unificationists have no control whatsoever to effect these means, then who ultimately does have control? Satan does, the outside world does. They have absolute control over these external media imagery. While they are growing up, children are constantly being bombarded by satanic imagery. No wonder American children are going down the tubes. No wonder America is becoming more and more decadent.

But as I said earlier, in the end of the world, this is an ideal phase. What is the ideal phase? People becoming more autonomous and independent. You can see it all over the world. It is happening in more and more countries. Even communism is clearly dead. More and more nations are changing their policy and political structure and constitution and adopting democratic ways. Why is this so important? Because in the last days, the Messiah will come with truth and reveal it, and every individual must be involved in their own perfection process. They must adopt the truth and become one with the truth by their own free will. Based on their own effort they must transform and restore themselves. You can't do it by any other means. In order to be restored, every individual must be perfected. In respect to restoration, this is the way it should be. That is why the world is changing in that way. I have said that many times. I have stood here many times. I know specifically I said this twice.

So we have to be ready to introduce Father's message properly. Some people will say, "Well, if we can educate a thousand people, maybe we can rely on this notion." This notion being the "relay method": if a thousand people get educated they can go out and educate another thousand. That is a chain reaction theory. Do you know the problem of that theory? You lose consistency. When it comes to telling Father's view, you can't rely on so many people. Even if I educate 100 people here in this room, everybody has their own understanding of what I say. They will formulate what they were told with their own examples and when you are dealing with nuances it is very difficult to be specific and precise. The chain reaction theory does not work well. It isn't effective. Everyone has their own understanding of principle, which is not good. You sit there and you expect Father to tell you this and tell you that. If Father says one thing, you cheer, if he says something else you get negative. You jeer and cheer based on your own liking. That is the reality I see every time I come and hear Father speak. I have no obligation to tell you these things. You should be telling me these things. You already should have prepared all these things on your own. I'm telling you how it is. This is not boasting. You might think it is. Why? Because you are projecting the way you actually think.

So having the means to convey clearly and precisely what Father intends when he teaches Principle is very important. Having dominion over that is a very important process. Let's take another example. We have a problem with a union. There are so many unions in America. Of course we realize communism has no place in this world anymore, but in America there are avid supporters of unions. Of course now the trends are changing. Why? Because unions are screwing up everything. On television, one union official said that the reason the factories are failing is not because of the unions, but because of the competition of non-union companies. When you unionize all the companies and corporations of the world, you will negate that particular problem. That was his solution. Unionize the whole economic system! I guess that is what they believe. That is their solution to their failure.

But what is proper and what is ideal is based on what God has created. What is the most important component of your body? Your brain. Much of the work processing food, separating it and digesting the nutrient intake by which your body carries on, is done in your stomach. But without the brain can your body survive? What unionization promotes is the union becoming a central point in the corporate structure and everything else becoming a subsidiary to it. That is exactly the fall of man. I'm not saying that corporate America, especially executives and managers, are in the position of God. But in respect to how physical things are formulated, an ideal entity must follow the model of the ideal body which God created. That form must be followed.

The people of a union really have little to do with formulating the base for a particular corporation. They might be the actual doers, those who carry out the formula the executives have planned. Who actually finalizes the perfection of God's creation? Man. Man does the work. God does all the work but the actual finalizing perfection of creation is done by man. You must represent the ideal principle relationship in any body in order to create an ideal organism. You must follow the ideal example. That is why a union never works, but is counterproductive. The objective figure becomes subject and the subjective figure becomes object. Union people demand ridiculous amounts of money. As you start a business and your company gets bigger and bigger, at one point you start worrying because sooner or later you have to worry about your employees unionizing. That's why all of corporate America separates their companies. They don't want to make a conglomeration of factories which allows thousands and thousands of people to get together and create a union. Because if they do, the company has to close or give in to their demands. That is why American companies are failing. Do unions think about the company? No. They think about their wages. They want more money.

Everything has to be apportioned properly according to the individual's output for the well being of society, for the well being of the whole. Everything can't be counted on an individual basis, but ideally on a lineage basis. That's why in the principle there is such a thing as bequeathing. In God's ideal world there is such a thing as inheritance. Nobody has the right to take that away. All these political and economic structures is not based on God's formulation and that is why the world is screwed up.

Why do I have to resort to these stupid examples? You should know these things. Let's take another example. How are you going to deal with mans desire to be intoxicated? Do you have any solutions? I have a very unique staff. just the other day one of them brought me an article. It was from the New York Times. A study had been done by a research group at Harvard University. They took 50,000 medically associated personnel, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses, everybody who had something to do with the medical profession within the age group of 45 to 70. I guess the research lasted for five years. Based on this research, people who consumed alcohol, up to thirty grams a day, had a twenty five percent less chance of having a heart attack. I don't have a great deal of wisdom about medical details, but according to their conclusion, alcohol enhances elements in the bloodstream. There is HDL, high density lipoproteins and LDL, low density lipoproteins, in your blood. Lipoproteins are found in every blood cells. Lipids are one of the elements of lipoprotein. It's a fatty substance essential to living organisms. However, if you have too much of it, it clogs your blood. What alcohol does is dissolves lipids. It kind of cleans up your arteries. The alcohol actually loosens your blocked arteries so it enhances good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol. That was their conclusion.

So based on this kind of scientific data, how are you going to go out and say, "Since we are a religious group and we don't believe in self-indulgence or pleasure seeking, you will from now on, abstain. We will pronounce a prohibition of any type of intoxicating agents." It's clearly stated in the Principle in the general introduction that we have to bring the spiritual world and the physical world together, the religious world and this world together. This is our responsibility. How are we going to do it? Are we going to follow the bandwagon of other religious groups that say let's prohibit everything? What is ideal? In my opinion, just as you received principle on your own, nobody forced you, it is important for us to state what is true. Scientific data is necessary. We have to have a scientific team researching every happening that will somehow affect the human living condition. We have to go that route and say to people, this is fact, this is the truth. Of course we will continuously research how we can serve you better so you can go out and live a very functional and productive life in terms of serving God.

I'm not advocating being drunk or being intoxicated, I am advocating responsibility. We have to inform people and every individual has to make their own responsible decision. We have to be the vanguard, we have to start to say that as a religious community. The reason that Father worries so much when it comes to these intoxicating agents is because when you get drunk under normal circumstances, because you are so influenced by this world, you will fornicate. Today, getting drunk equals fornication. But no, no, no, that's not the way it should be. Getting drunk, being intoxicated, equals productivity. Think about getting drunk. I can write better music because I am using the right side of the brain. I'm not justifying anything. This is a serious problem. You cannot prohibit this. You have an obligation to listen to Father. When Father says no, you can't. Although Father will sooner or later lift that temporary ban on alcohol, you must lay the condition of obedience. Do you understand? Until you become responsible you cannot touch when Father says don't touch. Until you fulfill your tribal messiah responsibility and have substantial tribes offered to True Parents and God, you cannot touch. It's not because it's bad. Of course Father trusts you; however, you need a condition to separate from Satan. The condition of indemnity has to be on every level. Don't think I'm just justifying anything, you little nincompoops. You think I'm more stupid than you? Don't think like that.

When I was in Japan last year, please listen I'm not boasting, I only say this after one year has passed but when I went to Japan, Matsuzaki and some of the Japanese leaders went with me. I witnessed the kind of influence the cultural media has on people. The witnessed it. They saw ten thousand young Japanese members, college students, literally singing with me They knew all my lyrics. They were singing with m and the result was that last year they doubled their previous highest record of witnessing results in the history of Japanese CARP. Did you testify, Matsuzaki? I never said anything. Just because I don't say things, don't think I'm stupid. I don't like to say anything until I do it, maybe that's the difference between me and you.

I gave them my guitar after I performed, and their band was truly inspired. They've really been going out and learning new tricks and creating new songs. They just finished a tour of Red China. They took that format of music and gathered thousands of people; a captive audience. They gave Otsuka-san, the president of Japanese CARP, a natural occasion to testify on behalf of Father about Father's works. People were very receptive. It was a great opportunity to reach thousands of people at once. Now he is a believer. just because I don't say things the way you like to hear them, does not mean I am not speaking the truth. Maybe you have to give a little more effort in trying to understand what I am trying to convey to you. You ungrateful people. That kind of attitude made Father suffer so long. Of course you can blame that kind of attitude on the historical deception of leaders, but come on, you are the believers. If you are believing in Father, why do you still hold on to the old ways? That is wrong. I have every right to be angry about that. I am angry at your arrogance and your self made pride. I'm angry that you are still holding on to your fallen nature. No matter what I do, I will never deceive Father again. I will never betray Father because I realize, in the things I am telling you, the importance of my responsibility. It is important for my future to take care of the second generation. Getting a degree only gives me convenience, but what I have to be the leader of the second generation. I have to have these things now if I am going to run with the Christians and compete with them and the rest of the world. That is the only reason.

I just talked about unions, and having a proper order, a proper principled relationship. Take this concept. Just because your parents were bad parents should we just throwaway the concept of parentalism? Just because you haven't perfected it, does it give you the right to just throw away the Principle? It gives you more incentive and more reason to make it right. Just because you are hurt, for whatever reason, do you have to throw away the Principle? That is wrong. What kind of rationality and logic is that? With that kind of logic can you restore this world and create an ideal? Give me a break! The Principle tells us what Father has revealed. Father has revealed the fallen nature. The actual committing of the fall was a sexual act and what we have to restore is the lineage. I understand that when we go to lectures and workshops, the lectures stress one particular thing. This is not my day to criticize everybody, but I have to say what I have to say. You can't just stress fornication as the complete basis, or general reason behind the fall. You have to stress all the fallen natures; not being like God, deviating from position, false subjugation and spreading the evils of fornication. All of those. You know why? There is a simple reason. I have witnessed over the years, those holy, holy people who pray everyday, who live a celibate life, they go and they denounce Father. They say, "I am the messiah." They say, "Father is wrong on this. I heard it when I prayed." That's falling. That's just as potent as you going and fornicating. Of course when you fornicate it is physical; you create some physical things. However, the action I mentioned is equally detrimental and devastating. That is why I do not believe in advocating only fornication as the cause of the fall. You have to stress all the fallen natures. They are equally important.

That is what I saw. Many people who prayed from twelve o'clock to four o'clock everyday, who did cold showers everyday, became disobedient to Father. Why is that? Because our church has not stressed proper order and position. This is deviating from the true position. That's why I always talk about that. I know that's important, I don't want to hurt Father. You can't think, "I don't fornicate Father, so I'm pure." When you do not manifest proper Principle relationship in your life, you are just as much a sinner as a fornicator. That's how I see it. Take that.

It has everything to do with changing the world and changing even those who want to hold on to their own ways. We really have to unite centering on a clear understanding of Principle. We have to now go out and become masters of all these things that affect our lives and the lives of those around us. That is our responsibility. I think the things that I have said are relevant to my topic today. We have to change the ways of those who want to hold on to their ways.

When you come straight out with the confronting value system of the Principle, they are going to be defensive. You have to have a strategy because we must inevitably confront them. But how are we going to do that? We have to be wise. The beauty of today is wisdom just not belong to a few select individuals. The beauty of mass communication is that it brings wisdom to the hands of the masses. So you have to use this trend and bring changes within individuals because more and more the trend will change toward democracy, autonomy, individual autonomy. That is good, we want that. That is why we have to present it correctly, precisely and consistently; what Father wants to see in the ideal world to the people of today and tomorrow. That's our responsibility. I don't give a hoot what you say to me, I'm absolutely dedicated to this.

Our video studio will be finished this year. I just want you to be proud of the fact that Manhattan Center will have the largest studio on the east coast. Right now I am building an eighty four channel audio studio. It is the largest studio on east coast. I am not getting a single penny from Father. I am doing everything on my own with our staff and we're almost there. Those of you who saw the Paul Simon concert in Central Park, it was broadcast nationwide through our studio bus. All the industry, I hate to do this, but I guess I have to tell you these things, is looking at us as the new kids on the block, and because of the attitude of our employees and staff, they have a different attitude toward Father. Its these kinds of things that I am worried about. That is going to happen in the movie industry too, once I start putting our people into that loose environment called Hollywood, just as our engineers with sufficient means go out to engineering society and are accepted. You must have substantial value to be accepted in this world. In a way it's an ideal. But it has to be converted to an ideal way of respecting one for substantial result and effort; the foundation of substance. It's very important. So what you have substantially accomplished is very important, even in the ideal world. But this will be determined differently than how it is determined now in today's society. Now the determining factor is s elf- gratification and self elevation. But it should be different. Accomplishment affects not just you and I, but everybody.

You want to compare results? Let's do it. We'll see who beats who. I'll challenge you.

Once I have the video studio you can use it. If the project is good, you can use my facilities because I'll use it for the purpose of serving Father. Right now, realistically, for us to use the Washington studio for in-house work is impractical and unrealistic. They are in tremendous debt. All of the studio has to be dedicated to commercial purposes to cover the costs of paying off the debt plus operation. But we are a different story. We can go without anything. All the staff members are blessed Unificationists. They will go twenty four hours without anything. They have total dedication. That is the difference. That is what I am proud of. I want you to be proud too. Make something that we can all take pride in and let's change America. America is different, it is a very indulgent society. Let's be keen to the reality and bring realistic change to America. The Soviet Union and China are no problem, they are like unspoiled children. America is the spoiled child. We need more drastic and extreme measures to change America. Just because you belong to the economic community don't hate what I am doing because it is low in terms of the degree in society. You have to liberate hell in order to build the kingdom of heaven, don't forget that. I don't care about status credentials, I just do what I have to do to make change in America and the world.

Bring good ideas to me. I plan on continuously expanding this medium. With Father's blessing I will bring victory. So let's do it together. I want more people having substantial offerings so that we can make a difference. I want people to give me substantial offerings that I can use. In order for us to create a fifteen second, three dimensional animation, it takes a professional with the highest technical equipment, which he has mastered, five hours. Let's say I want to create a lecture series in animation. I need hundreds of hours to create it for children and for you. We only have a handful of people, less than two dozen staff members. Not to mention we have all the facilities in Washington.

Allot your time wisely. Do your mission and if you have spare time go and learn some skills. Take time to go and do something. I'm taking my time to come and speak to you. Do you know how much I have to put myself through mentally to come and speak to you? I've got a lot of things on my mind because I'm involved in very detailed things. I'm up to here with loans and debts, but I'm not going to run to Father. It's killing me. Is that it, is that my responsibility? No, it's not. Forget that. Make time and learn more skills that can have a proper influence on the future of our second generation and your children. Please think about that. Be a thinking, loving parent. Father is teaching you to inherit that. Don't just love your children.

I have received videos from some of you that you made on your own. I want to see more of them. We can really update your quality once we have the studio. I know some of you are out there who have good intentions and interest and who understand the importance of what I'm doing. We can work together in the future. I want more of you to get involved.

With that, thank you! I am finished!


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