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Hyo Jin Moon October 7, 2007 7:00 am Belvedere

Here are my notes from Hyo Jin nim's speech Sunday 07 October 2007. My ability to convey what was actually said is limited. These, at most, convey some sense of what Hyo Jin nim said and are not a verbatim record. Hyo Jin nim's website is: To see two of the projects that Hyo Jin nim is working on log on to: and Joe Kinney

Rev. Andrew Compton is the MC. All welcome Hyo Jin nim and Yeon Ah nim and offer a standing bow.

Hyo Jin nim bows to the audience as he approaches the stage.

How are you doing? (Good)

I feel a little restless; a lot of routine.

So how have you been doing? Hanging in there? (Laughter, yes)

Let's talk about tradition.

These days we have a lot more than the amount of church holidays than we used to have. Right? (Laughter)

It's almost like every week there's some ceremonial days. Right?

Is that good? Does it make you feel better?

What does tradition give you; what kind of feeling does it give you?

What do you do with tradition; what happens to you when you face tradition? What goes through your mind?

"Today it's this celebration; on this day we're celebrating or ceremonializing something" What does that mean to you? (Closeness to God). And you want that every day? So every day should be ceremonial day (Laughing).

We have to find some kind of ceremonial topic to celebrate three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. When are we going to work when we're always celebrating? (Laughing) I mean that it's all good...

It's jus