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True Happiness

Hyo Jin Moon Belvedere Sunday, January 24th 1993 Unofficial Notes Speaks (1hr 30min)

Father is in Texas today but He will be back shortly. We want to have a great True Parents birthday and make a new determination.

Before I start my topic I just want to mention this. It is very important to understand that we are her to transcend "physicality." It is easy to get caught up in the pleasures of the physical life. Many of you had relationships last night and have come here this morning with an attitude that is far removed from God. I'll talk to you later about it.

Give & Take

What is true happiness? When you look into a child's eyes you feel that they want to reach out. You also want to reach out to the child. You make faces, strange noises or sing a song. The child is responding and reaching out to you. Give and Take is taking place and you feel love. You can then understand what it means to long for someone. When you long for someone you can easily sacrifice for that someone.

You are sad when there is no reciprocation. You get angry when you realize that this is happening and the thought of it continuing causes hate. Violence is acting on hate.

Let's assume you are away from your loving wife. You are apart but long for your wife. In your longing you think about what you are going to do when you get back together again. You can intellectualize this.

The byproduct of love is happiness. God lives for love. When you are excited about God's providence and are sacrificing, fund raising all night you have many revelations. You start to long for Father in your mind and become closer to Him.

When you long for Father in this way you can feel happiness. We can intellectualize the concept and realization of love. You think about how you can make your wife happy. Love means to sacrifice. Animals can't do that.

You do not feel love going to a prostitute and paying for her services. She is just an object, you just wanted to ejaculate. When your intellect is not in it you can not feel love.

You love Father because you can intellectualize that Father will love you and is loving you back. Thus you want to sacrifice and give everything to Father.

Investment Equals Happiness

True happiness comes through total investment. Just like God invested everything in His creation. If you are genuinely do something for a higher purpose you will feel happy.

Who made this world miserable? Who colonized Africa? White people! What are you doing to the Second Generation today? I know the bad effects you are having on them!