True Parent's Birthday

Hyo Jin Moon February 11, 1989 Unofficial Notes from 9:00 am Speech

Today is a very special day. It is a day of judgment, commitment and a chance to re-address the vows that each one of us has made to True Parents.

As children facing parents you do not love according to your own need or your own schedule. When you live with children, every moment, each interaction with your child is valuable and immeasurable. It is an intense relationship. In order for us to truly rejoice this day, we have to face True Parents as true children, transcending every manmade, physical aspiration. To realize True Parenthood, we first have to be true children. Only because True Parents exist, is it possible to become a true child. Because of them we can participate in this life and enriching experience of love.

How many people here come from small towns? Which do you like better, small towns or big cities? Many of you say small towns, but actually many young people like big cities better, why? There are more opportunities in big cities. It is possible to get better jobs and to meet someone new. They are not satisfied with the social patterns of a small town. They do not like the values there so they go looking for something different.When you go to a big city there is a multitude of variety to choose from. Social and ethnic backgrounds are all different. There is a better chance of finding a social pattern or structure that you are comfortable with.

When you come to the city what are you looking for? Some of you said that you like small towns better, with more emphasis on family values, but many times young people are confused. They want to follow millionaires, politicians or people like Ivan Boesky, and that will not work in a small town. They want to break away, look for money, to do what they want.

Because of these opportunities existing in large cities it is difficult to bring people together. There are too many value systems and ideas of what is right and wrong. Americans say that this is a free world and that you can do what you want. They say you have a right to go for it and to make your own decisions. If you want to put emphasis on becoming powerful or making a million dollars, that is your right and your choice. With this thinking there is no criteria for making judgements between what is right and what is false. Anything is okay. A society based on that kind of 'freedom' will be difficult to unite and bring together.

So many times I have heard people say in times of difficulty, "You do not love me, but rather, you love some kind of concept within yourself of what you want me to become. You are not embracing the innate quality that I have, just something that you want out of me". I hear that argument often in a relationship. When you argue like that, emphasizing your own point of view, you will tend to get pushed into confrontation.

[At this point noise from children in the back of the room became distracting. Hyo Jin Nim spoke some words in Korean and asked the parents with crying babies to leave the room] You have to create an atmosphere here! You have to participate too! The preparation you make is very important.

In the society I was describing everybody is left to do whatever they want, as long as they do not hurt anyone. Basically you live to serve your own interests. As long as you do not take advantage of others, anything is possible. With this understanding, it is very difficult to have a true relationship. You would be a hypocrite. As men and women, we cannot avoid living with other people. How can you disregard that fact? If your value system puts total emphasis on yourself then principled relationships will be impossible, they would all be hypocritical. We would all be pretenders because in our deepest conscience we would only be looking out for ourselves. That is a pretentious society. People say that they care for humanity, but in their daily lives they do not do anything about it. They are working their butts off to support themselves even way beyond their needs, or even the capacity to enjoy. Belonging to this kind of society people cannot live together in harmony.

We all dream of a world where there is no chaos, only peace and harmony. Even the most totally selfish people want this kind of society inside their mind, but what they actually do and live is far from this. Why do we call ourselves the Unification Church? What is your desire? A good world, with no one trying to corrupt you, or take advantage of you. A world where you can go anywhere without worrying about losing your life. No emotional strife, no dark fear, being able to go anywhere knowing people love each other.

What if you are driving down a dark highway and run out of gas? Let's say I am a big shot executive, a CEO, and that is what happens to me. This area is crawling with criminals and crack houses. In my office, I am in my realm. I can say, "You live for me, do what I say, follow my rules". But now . . . on a dark highway, sitting pitifully in my gold- plated Mercedes Benz, I am wishing I was back in my office! Even police do not want to help those kind of people!

As fallen man we long to go back to the origin, we feel that it is where we belong. Fallen man is walking a tightrope, but it is not natural, it is scary up here! We desire to go back down to the ground where we belong. Only when we fall into a hole, for example, a dangerous situation, do we really start valuing what is real, like loving others and those who love me. If you have a loving father, then you never feel alone. You know that somewhere there is someone who loves you. That is very secure, you can feel safe. What do we need for that security everywhere we go? There must be an underlying feeling to substantiate it. You feel that security within a family. So even in the city with many different values there has to be this unifying theme.

Not everyone can write poetry, sing songs, or speak well but everyone has a special quality, something that they are good at. Especially in high school teenagers like to cling together. They find some group they can associate with and then cling to them. Many times in this world emphasis is placed on external things, physical things matter a great deal. In love all different physical attributes can be embraced, even the entire universe. When one is enraptured in love everything will be seen with that love. When you live in love you see a unique quality in everyone. Everything has beauty because you see it from the point of view of love. In order to experience this love, you need someone to have give and take with. When you understand the purpose of love you see your purpose is everything, so you can have give and take. Everything is there so you can experience love. You appreciate the value of things that exist around you.

How many of you are married? When you are loved by your wife, what makes you feel good? Why did you get married? Why do man and woman come together? We are longing for something. What makes you happy? Who initiates love, you or your wife?[ A few brothers answered the man does. Hyo Jin Nim is laughing and asks] You mean you wives never initiate love? What do you do, stand on opposite sides of the room and run towards the middle and hope you will meet there? Husbands, when you go home you have to say something like, "Honey you look so beautiful today. You were beautiful yesterday but you are even more beautiful today. Your eyes are like sparkling stars in the sky, your cheeks are as soft as a babies butt." You have to say things like that to each other!

Someone has to start, and then there has to be give and take. The more give and take you have, the more chance you have of excelling relationships where there is little or no give and take. So if I want it and no one else is doing it, I have to initiate give and take. You can substantiate anything you want in this world of freedom. If you want the kind of world where there is love everywhere you have to start it. That kind of world can come from my hands. It is no good to say, " I will tag along after someone else starts". Are you thinking, Why do I need to suffer, let some one else do the job?" What would happen if that thinking becomes an epidemic? If our child is in danger, we take action. What about this world? As much as you love your things, you have to love Heavenly Father. That is what Father has told us. Give yourself for the sake of the whole. Many times Father sacrifices his family for this world. You know that. I do not have to say it again. You know Father has walked that course.

The answer is True Parents. The first parents failed to unite with Heavenly Father. They failed in their