Understanding the Principle

Hyo Jin Moon

Dec. 25, 1988 (Christmas)

Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA

Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

I'm going to make it short today and keep to my point. How do you feel when Father speaks to you in English? Do you like it? Do you feel like was loving you? How many here have studied Korean? What about the rest of you? How many times has Father told you to study Korean?

We're here because we supposedly understand the Principle. Father isn't speaking the Korean language, he is speaking the Heavenly language. He can't even share the basic relationship with you because you don't speak the same language, how do you expect it to expand? This is our language.

How do you expect to celebrate Christmas? Why did Jesus come in the first place? To save and restore fallen man. You are so filled with yourselves, you criticize others when you don't even have the basics yourself. How can you become righteous or make critical judgement without knowing right from wrong? What is the basis of right and wrong? Basing everything upon yourself? Without the four position foundation you can't become the ideal individual or achieve the ideal relationship with True Parents. What is the four position foundation based on, you? No, it is the center, the subject, Heavenly Father. Center on your subject, absolutely united into one. You think you're doing everything, you think you can criticize. Only one person can criticize me, and that's Father. Anytime. And once he says something, you can agree with him, but you must go through that right order. Without going through that proper order and channel you can never criticize anyone. That is the way man deviated and the fall came about.

When I stand in front of you, I have no guilt because I'm giving everything. Do you think this is my responsibility to stand here? I'm here because you lack piety, you lack dignity. Father is pleading for you, so you can come to your senses and make a proper foundation. When creation is in accord with Heavenly Fathers ideal, it is beautiful. Do you think you're precious? You have to earn it. You'd better act precious. Otherwise how do you expect to receive Heavenly Fathers love? Can you do whatever you want and receive His love? You must be walking the Principled way, no other way. We're in the seven year period now. We really have to live up to Fathers standard. The essence of every seven year period is to restore Shim jung. Without your mind and body becoming one you can never accomplish this. Your original mind is longing to meet with Father but your body is full of excuses.

How do you expect to learn Father's words? No matter how good of a translation you have, its not as good as studying his original word you're always depending on some medium and that's no good. You have to take initiative, you have to see why you have to do this. Why do we put so much emphasis on self-existence? How do you think Heavenly Father brought about all existence? Through Heavenly Father man can reach the ideal. Based on yourself, through responsibility you will gain restoration,. That's why you have self-ness. But, you fail, you don't take responsibility. Starting with you, "myself", I'm responsible, I'll unite with God, I'll reach the ideals of God, the embodiment of His essence, His love, His ideal, whatever. You lack this.

You're sitting here going for a ride. Do you know why Father is always saying "I did it"? He did do it, he has to fulfill the will of God. If you don't help him he will do it alone, and that's what has been doing. The movement in America is growing and earning prestige in this world. So we have to put emphasis on obtaining the internal quality which is necessary to erecting the external structure. Without the basis of that sung sang you cannot expect it to last. I'm sure that many of you are sitting here with failures. Why did it happen? Because you lacked a certain foundation. Constantly monitor yourself, that's why we have a rational mind. When Father is present, when I am with him, he is the absolute center. Whatever conflicting ideas or emotions I have, I will suppress them. This is what a Principled foundation is and that's what's important. Without order you cannot obtain oneness. If you want to substantiate something you need order. Everything exists upon order. Understand the importance of Principle. If you know it then apply it. What do you think responsibility means? So what if someone else is doing something wrong, I'll take responsibility myself! Who cares what anyone else is doing. We can only make critical decisions on a basis of purity , and looking from Gods viewpoint, not the contaminated basis of our own fallen thinking. This is the archangelic nation, the archangel was to serve and unite with Heavenly Fathers absoluteness, we don't apply that in our life.

I wish for once that Father could come here and feel like was accomplishing something, like was changing you. That can only happen through our foundation of substance. I really wish Father could come here and speak in Korean without using a translator and that you could understand him,. You are supposed to embody True Parents- one parent, one lineage, absolutely follow and unite with Fathers way. You should be setting an example, at least to your children, you are less than them.

You look so tired, have you lost the fire? What happened to your fire? When you run a relay you should run full out until the last second when the baton is passed. Now is the time of the second generation. We're preparing for the transition, but it hasn't passed yet. What have you been doing? What you lack, your children will have to pay for. You are responsible for your lineage. The restoration of your lineage will come about because of you, but why aren't you fulfilling these things?

Why should I speak English to you? Its true that it is the predominate language, but it is the Archangelic language. Without understanding the Adamic language you cannot know or teach the shim jung of God. This can only be understood through the True Adam and no one else.

You have to learn the proper attitude, and the proper way of tradition. Without everyone understanding personal responsibility you will never end conflict, suffering or hate. That is why the principle exists. Without applying it you can't get rid of all these undesirable things. You don't take initiative to understand these things. You don't feel the necessity. That is terrible. Be realistic, go step by step, restoration has to be done by mankind. We have been given responsibility to understand the ideal. We have to walk back to the starting point and re-find the original destination. We haven't reached that point yet.

We have to learn Fathers language, start at the beginning like children with Da Da, etc. Everybody start learning Korean. One or two hours a day. You can get the grammar down in a year. Then its just a case of memorizing vocabulary. Within one year you can do it, no problem, just one hour a day. By 1990 you really should understand Korean. You can do it, even if you don't like to study. If you do like to study you can do it in less than a year.

Especially Japanese members you should really learn Korean. Think about having all different children in your household, speaking all different languages. Is that an ideal situation? If you really care for the world and care about setting an example, start studying. That's all I can say on top of what Father has already said. You've already pledged to Father, but it doesn't mean anything if you neglect the fundamentals and basics of things.

When I speak to people, I try to be nice, I really make effort to listen to them and receive them. But when I do , they change, they get some sense of arrogance. Why does this happen? Their whole attitude changes, so maybe its better for me to be straight and cold. These things are important, we have to pass these things on to our children, we have to set an example for them. My life with Father is physically hard, no matter how hard it might be I do it. Sometimes I have to stand the proper way in front of Father for a long time, I'm sore until the next day. But you have to practice carrying yourself in the proper way. If you practice something long enough it will become a habit it will become natural. Its not easy but you have to see it through.

It will be easy to learn Korean, you have books to teach you, just read. You want everything without giving anything.