Uniting with Heavenly Father

Hyo Jin Moon Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA February 26, 1989 Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

It is nice to see everyone. Today I would like to share something with you that I feel very deeply about. It is important and serious. It is the most valuable understanding that I have. From my heart I would like to share about the way to overcome Satan.

It is true that we face a great and formidable task because we are here with the purpose and mission to restore the world to Heavenly Father. When we face the challenge it is very difficult. It is a battle starting on the individual level. Often we are fighting against the way of life we led before coming here. We are confronted with the thoughts, lifestyle and values of our past. One must overcome these things and there has to be a certain way to overcome.

I am sure that you have prayed many times trying to unite with Heavenly Father. The first thing we need to do is call out to Heavenly Father for insight and wisdom to break through whatever barrier we might have. But before we fall into this pattern, we cannot be so vague as to just say we need prayer. We need a clear, specific way to deal with these obstacles.

Before I go any further I would like to mention John 5:19. It is relevant to our discussion.[John 5:19 reads "Then Jesus said to them, 'Verily, verily I say unto you, the Son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the Father do: for whatever things he does, the Son also does likewise.'"] In order for Heavenly Fathers son to act he must see what Heavenly Father has done. Understanding has to first come from God. To become an embodiment of God and receive God's blessing, the son must follow the Father's ways. That is the ideal. The son does not do anything of his own accord. That is God's way of claiming His son. You have to follow this. There is no other way. You must unite with your Father, period.

With that understanding look at how Adam and Eve failed to fulfill God's commandment and instead took from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God specifically told them what to do and what not to do. Adam could have become the son of Heavenly Father. He could have substantiated an ideal parent/child relationship with God.

In order for God to reach His ideal He must have a child (mankind). That is the purpose of creation. Without Adam and Eve absolutely uniting with Heavenly Father, His ideal cannot be substantiated. Restoration is inevitable. Heavenly Father must try to fulfill His ideal, even going through indemnity and restoration. He must. That was His intention from the moment of the conception of the creation.

Heavenly Father must restore the fall of mankind. He cannot do it alone. This is why we have to know how to separate from Satan in our lives. The reason God chose Cain and Abel to make an offering was so He could restore the fallen act of man. There has to be key players for the course of restoration to take place, and they are Cain and Abel. Adam had fallen. He could not be used. Through Abel, Cain could be restored. How was this possible when they were both a product of the fall? The reason they could stand in the presence of God is because Heavenly Father's destiny is to fulfill the purpose of creation. That is His absolute goal. He must fulfil His ideal. He wanted a parental relationship. He wanted sons and daughters. You need an object for a love relationship. You alone cannot have a reciprocal relationship. Ideally speaking mankind was to become the object to receive God's love. This was the essence of everything. In order to receive, man in a sense has to be like God. He has to do something to be in this position.

Heavenly Father knew what the consequences of the fall could be and that His ideal might not be substantiated. That is why He gave man the commandment. The ideal eternal world could only come about through mankind's unity with God. Adam and Eve had to unite with Heavenly Father through their own effort and accord. They were in the position to choose the right way. They had to decide to unite with God's ideal. What path will you take, the path of good or the path of evil? It is as easy as that. Adam and Eve were in the position to long for the ideal world themselves. If they understood, they would have united by their own will. It was crucial for them to obey. Heavenly Father is still longing for that ideal world. He did not intend for mankind to fall. They were in the position where the fall was possible, but they had to make the right choice on their own.

The reason that Cain and Abel are so crucial is that this is the way to separate ourselves from Satan's way of life. Heavenly Father needed somebody to represent Him, so Abel was chosen. God needed a substantial base to reverse the fallen act. In order to restore fallen nature which is false, Abel has to follow the opposite direction. The first fallen act was out of Eve's selfish, carnal desire. She wanted to have her eyes opened, to be like God. The second act was out of her desire to come back to God. Both acts were without God's consent, but God could use Abel to represent Him because Abel symbolized the second act which was the more principled of the two. God needs a substantial base so He can work to separate evil. Cain had to be subjugated by Abel for restoration to take place.

I am sure that you have had many experiences like this. You receive a mission that you know you have to do. You want to do it for the sake of God, for the sake of True Parents, even for the sake of your own salvation, but the physical body always says no. It has a million reasons. . . you are tired, you should rest so you can replenish your energy then you can do a better job. We are faced with these things every day! We give ourselves physical reasons to procrastinate, to put things off until tomorrow.

You must understand something. Within yourself you want to commit and connect with Heavenly Father. There is a connection existing between you and God. What is it? It is shim jung. Your shim jung is telling you to unite with Heavenly Father and to follow True Parents, while your physical body is pulling you the other way. Just as Cain was supposed to be subjugated through Abel, your body should be subjugated through your shim jung. This is indemnity and restoration. You must pay the fine for your wrong doings.

The ideal world is a place of absolute goodness. We need to physically naturalize evil, cancel it out. You have to do ideal acts because you have done an illicit fallen act. Through Cain uniting with Abel, God can work to restore. Within your heart and mind you know what you need to do, you need to obey.

The reason that Abraham failed was because he forgot to cut the dove in half. He did not separate good and evil. The lamb that he offered represented Jesus, the heifer symbolized a woman. This was symbolic of Jesus and the true woman uniting. The symbol of a woman on the altar was significant, it represents the completed testament with the unity of a true man and woman. Heavenly Father shows His future action through prophets, He will not do things unless it has been revealed.

So Abraham failed because of his failure to cut the bird which represented the separation of good and evil. If you do not separate good and evil, God cannot claim you. He cannot claim unclean things. He cannot claim this world because it is Satan's world. You must separate. You need to cut off from it. Within our lives it cannot just be symbolic.

What is good and evil? Good is accomplished through the original mind obtaining the position of subject. We must be clear in that. You have to reach for the ideal subject/object relationship. I am willing to do what I have to do with gratitude, no complaints and no regrets. But you have to do it also. I will not expect any more or any less from you. I have to prepare. I know what I have to do in the future. You have to know too and prepare yourself. In the future I know I will have to face not just you, but outside people. This does not come automatically, there is a period of growth first. So now I am preparing. I do not use notes when I speak, even though that would be much easier. I am training myself so that these things become natural inside of me.