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We Can Transcend National Boundaries

Hyo Jin Moon July 27, 1990 Makuhari Prince Hotel

Remarks to the Soviet student delegation at the welcoming banquet

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to welcome you to Japan. I hope that through this experience we can transcend national boundaries to better understand one another. I want this opportunity to be productive for all of you, since you are here looking for interaction.

I know we can interest you in certain ideas that you will be able to use in whatever way you choose. We are going to clearly explain what we believe; this time is solely for you to make decisions based on your observation and your personal experience while you are here.

We are all heading toward the 21st century. We can no longer practice a policy of isolation or just dwell on exclusive, nationalistic programs; those ideas belong to the past. Our goal for the 21st century is to understand how can we create a world where there is no discrimination based on creed, color or nationality. But a world where we can all live harmoniously, not just idealistically but in reality.

I believe everyone in this room has wonderful and unique characteristics. The ideal world should be a place where all these differences and abilities can benefit the well-being of the whole. That is the wonder and beauty of our existence. When we look at the creation, we want to see diversity. How to enable these many different people to live together harmoniously is the question; that is the work we are trying to tackle and ultimately resolve.

In marriage, two individuals who are totally different come together to consummate love, because man and woman need each other. By the same token, we are different: you are Russian students, this is Japan and I am Korean. The basis of Reverend Moon's teaching is friendship: that is, to love people and yourself for the sake of something greater than yourself. It is a simple truth. We don't just dwell in a concept, but try to actually put it into practice. This is the hardest part. Constructing the basics is a fundamental step to success but it is also the most difficult step that one can take in life.

I hope you can truly use this time wisely. It is your time. You are here to learn new things. It is your opportunity to observe, experience and touch many of the young people who are here representing the Unification Church.

I welcome you and hope you have the greatest experience in your life through this workshop. So take us into your heart and we'll try to take you into our heart. God bless you!


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