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We Must Go Into The World To Preach

Hyo Jin Moon July 14, 1991 Belvedere. New York

Good morning. Today my topic will be, "We Must Go Into the World to Preach." Ever since his release from Danbury prison, Father has stressed the importance of Tribal Messiahship. At the same time, the Christian community believes, and in a way, the Christian perception of ministry, can be best summed up in a general statement found at the end of the book of Matthew which says we must go out into the world and preach. This is our obligation. Christians feel the same obligation to go out to the world and spread the word of Jesus Christ. We are going out into the world and they are going out into the world. Everybody is going out into the world and preaching their message.

I'm sure most of you have gone through several forty day workshops, I know all of you went through a 120 day workshop. In our study of the Principle we sometimes address the failings of Jesus Christ, not out of any arrogance or pride in avoiding such things ourselves. Rather to understand clearly the ultimate reason he had to be sacrificed. There were certain things that he should have avoided. Father has stressed this many times. Jesus himself spoke of many things, especially the work of doing miracles. He said in Matthew, chapter six, "Men doing alms, do it secretly. When doing a deed of mercy, do it secretly." When he addressed the Scribes and Pharisees who asked, "Hey, where are the signs that say you are the messiah?", he told them, "There will be no sign for this abominable generation." But in many cases you know miracle stories. He performed miracles although he was saying there were no signs. Certainly a miracle is a sign of the power the messiah possesses, but he did it secretly and he told the person he performed the miracle for to keep his mouth shut.

What I'm trying to get to is this; in order to become a True Parent we must restore the Garden of Eden. Through the Word man must be made perfect. Man must realize the importance of the Word to mankind. I have said many times over and over, why man was put in a vulnerable position where he was left with uncertainty. Obviously, in this situation, if he does not comply with the commandment which God gave him, he has the potential to die spiritually and lose his connection with God. Being separated from God, he loses the possibility of acquiring an eternal union with Heavenly Father, receiving His eternal love and ultimately manifesting it himself. All that possibility will be lost.

Why was man left in that position? Because it is important that man, through receiving the Word and using reason, unite with Heavenly Father. In other words we have to realize the importance of the Word by our own accord, by ourselves. We are to be the object to God the creator. Without us having and manifesting that position, we cannot become an object to God. We ourselves must create the rhyme, the reason and the rationality necessary to ultimately unite and merge with God. That is the important thing.

That is why it sometimes feels and seems like we were just left in a whirl, thrown into some kind of obscurity. Certainly there was an uncertain moment and based on that, man fell. But the reason it is like that, is because we must become God-like and so first become an object to God the Creator. That is the reason we have the responsibility to erect certain things within our minds and hearts to ultimately unite with True Parents and Heavenly Father.

When Jesus was performing these miracles in secret, did those people whom he told not to tell others keep that promise? No, they told others. So Jesus had to perform the things he could not perform to the skeptics, to the non-believers. Yes, he performed miracles for the believers, but the non-believers, how do you account for them? How do you restore them? Restoring them should be through the Word, not through power. Restoration means restoring it, not restoring God's status or divinity. Of course, when man's physical flesh is restored, divinity will be resurrected through the presence of man. However, man, especially the non-believers were to be restored through the Word.

Because of his performance of miracles, Jesus was put in the position where he had to prove himself, which he couldn't do. He had to give the kind of proof that he couldn't show to the non-believers. Of course when he was crucified, everybody realized the kind of mistake they had made, but then it was too late; he was dead.

I know Father has that power. Living in this world, growing up in this terrible world, I became a cynic. I am a very cynical and skeptical person, but I cannot lie to my father and he knows that. No matter what I do, he knows. He went out of his way to avoid that kind of power. The Korean elders, those who followed him from the beginning, know that Father did not go out of his way to do miracles. Spiritual phenomena happened left and right, everywhere. Many of you followed Father without really perceiving the true and pure inherent meaning of the Principle. Why? Because of that impressive phenomena.

All that aside, I want to go back to addressing my topic today. We must go out to the world and preach. You must know who you are. I was just reading this book that someone gave me. It's a little information book. According to this book, women are more moral, more ethical and more responsible than men. I thought about it, wondering, is that true? To a certain degree, it seems like it. Men like to take chances. We have the kind of pioneering spirit where we like to take challenges. We're not bound by certain pressure or thoughts about things going wrong. We like to take risks at times. But, in a way, lying in a bad sense is a form of risk taking. So, as a man, if you like to take chances, living in this world filled with lies, the atmosphere is filled with liars and thieves and heathen, all that, you can certainly be misled and be influenced by the surroundings. Without knowing the truth you just follow your instinct.

The reason that I am telling you this is that, there is a proper form that as a man or as a woman you must follow. Although we have duality within, you must manifest a quality, a man as a man and a woman as a woman. Why does this duality exist? For example, even receiving pain or your brain's releasing endorphin based on a type of pain you are experiencing, happens because you have these kind of receptors that receive a chemical which the brain releases. In other words, the receptor has the ability to read information. I have certain information about a woman. Why? Because when I see a true woman, I must have certain information, I must have a certain ability within myself to receive that woman. The same thing goes for a woman. Based on this same principle, you as a woman must have certain information of what an ideal man is. Otherwise, how are you going to come together? The perfection of humanity can only come through the union of man and woman, but they have to truly manifest their true qualities. Man should be absolute in a sense that he will persevere. The values that he holds dear cannot be swayed or compromised in any way.

Sometimes women are more adaptable. Women in general are more compassionate. In this world filled with crap, how can you be compassionate? In a world filled with evil, can you be compassionate toward the deeds of evil? No way. We cannot be compassionate toward the deeds of evil. Evil ideas are destroying mankind and bringing decadence, can you be compassionate to that? Can you embrace that? No way. Women like to organize things better. In a way, it's alright. When a woman becomes a judge she is more strict than a man. She really follows law and order. When I come home I like to throw things on the floor. My wife can't bear to see that. I think it hurts her, it even has some kind of physical effect on her! When I just throw my clothes on the floor she has to pick them up otherwise she can't sleep!

Once we grasp real value, a true man should never, ever compromise it. We'll break through whatever the barrier or challenge that lies ahead even if it is a conflicting one, we'll plough through. We won't avoid it. If it means we have to clash sometimes, we will do it for the sake of setting something straight.

I know Father speaks harshly sometimes. He speaks harshly to me sometimes, but I know that he is doing it out of love. This world is full of harshness and struggle. He is telling me, "Hey son, you have to be ready for the junk that lies out there. I know you love me and we are bonded by love and you will never break it. I know you will come to a decision that you will love me no matter what. When I'm being harsh to you and acting in an unpleasant manner, I know you will take it in good stride. I know you will understand what I'm trying to prepare you for. You have to go out to this world and restore it. Preparing you for that, I cannot just idly cradle you with a pleasant feeling." Many of you have your own messed up, selfish, subjective images of how Father, your subject, should be. If this was an ideal world, do you think Father would want you to suffer? Of course not. But we are living in a world which needs to be restored.

Everywhere I go in dealing with reality in the outside world, there is conflict and one complication after another. Do you know what it is like trying to deal in a world where everybody hates your guts for being who you are? You have to rise above that and see where it is truly coming from. You can see that only when you've put yourself in a true object's position. Otherwise you can't understand. Many times I would come home after being slapped around by my teachers because they hated me since I was Father's son. Many days you would see my face puffed up like this. It happened almost every week. I don't care what happened in the past. You should never let what happened in the past deter you from fulfilling your own responsibility. I don't know where you get this arrogance and this completely bad attitude. I hear many people say, "You have to understand me. You have to treat me nicely, you can't treat me this way because I had a terrible childhood." I'm sick of seeing this. I think this church is filled with spiritual rejects. All the rejects who were deprived of certain love came here. That's why Father is suffering more. Don't tell me how much you suffered. How would you like it if everybody in the world hit you? Did you have that kind of childhood? You have to rise above it. I rise above all the junk I experienced. I want to be responsible for all the crap that I did. I'll make it right. I know my life will not be easy because of certain things, but I have to bear it. Whether I like it or not I have no choice because I have to be responsible for what I did. I'll make it right.

As a man you have to have a clear understanding of who you are. If you are to be a subject, I'm talking about the individual level here, you must set yourself straight as a man whom your wife can love and honor and protect at the same time, mentally. You go out and mow the lawn, you flatten the mountains, you bridge the rivers. Meanwhile, because your woman respects your absolute conviction, she will hold your family intact. Our church members have to become more active in terms of fulfilling their responsibility as a man and woman. Know who you are. In the church as a whole we have to truly know who we are. We represent True Parents and Heavenly Father. When Father talks about going down to the servant of servants position and rising up all the way to becoming a Tribal Messiah, we have to understand what kind of attitude we must have as a church. You are the spiritual subject. You must not lose your spiritual subjectivity even when you are going down to the servant of servants position.

Let me put it this way. Let's say you are a newlywed. Certainly as a newlywed you have to sort out many things. You really do not understand one another. There are so many things that need to be worked out, so many edges that need to be rounded off. However, at the moment of conception what kind of attitude must you have? Obviously I think about the ideal child. You certainly don't want to create Satan's child. You think about the idealness of a child. However, after the child is conceived and after the gestation period when it comes out into this world, does this baby automatically become an ideal form that you imagined in your mind? No. What about building a relationship as husband and wife? Do you think that somehow, automatically, as the years go by, all the edges will be rounded off, without you really trying to unite? No. This fallen world is a falsely subjective world, so even if you are a man and you have a bitchy woman who is very subjective, to make her your true, loving, objective wife, you've got to sacrifice a lot. You've got to pamper her, kowtow to her sometimes, sometimes literally becoming her object and her servant. When Father is putting himself in a servant of servants position, do you think he is saying to himself, "I am now object to Satan so I'll do whatever he says"? No way. He has clearly in his mind, "The relationship that I am conceiving at this moment will become an ideal relationship. It will go through the servant of servants' position, then will become concubine's son's position, adopted son's position, true son's position, and ultimately I will become a true parent." Do you understand my analogy? That is the kind of attitude you should have when dealing with outside people. You must think "I am spiritual subject and you are satan, but I am going to love you, pamper you and win your heart because I'm going to make you a child of God." Do you think Father would have come this far if he thought differently?

Does this make sense to you? If we're united in this understanding, obviously we have to go out and cleanse this world. Let me make another analogy. I said this to blessed children and I'm going to say it to you. I don't want to say it to you, but for the sake of me being here, I'll say it. It is a simple analogy. In order to sustain your life and to have a healthy, physical body, you need healthy nutrients and a proper diet. There are certain things that you can consume and other things which you can't consume. Even if you have the free will or the prerogative to pick up a poisonous mushroom and stick it in your mouth, once it is ingested you will die or get sick. Food is like that. In order to sustain a healthy life, there is a proper form of nutrition. Regardless of who you are, no matter what kind of traits you have or even if you are a genius, that principle is universal to all humanity. That is universal law. In order to sustain physical life you must maintain a proper diet. Likewise, in order for you to have a healthy spiritual life you must ingest healthy ideas. There are some ideas which you should not entertain. If you do they will surely bring your spiritual existence to a demise.

Nevertheless, when you look at this world today, you see it is filled with pollution. There are many environmental terrorists out there who are going around and saying we have to be more environmentally conscious and active in terms of cleaning up the mess we've created. Why is it so urgent now? That process has been going on for centuries. Why be concerned about it now? Because it is affecting our food source and air. It is affecting our sustenance. It's affecting our livelihood and making us ill. We're losing our healthy body. That is why we are trying to do a rush job in cleaning it up. Even if we are consuming healthy nutrients, those nutrients have been grown in a polluted, contaminated environment. Therefore, even in the good stuff there are toxins. So even the good food, protein, vitamins or all these things that are supposed to be good for you, still have toxins in them because they have been affected by the dirty environment. In the same manner, many good ideas are poisoned by this screwed up environment. We know there has to be order, with one center to create harmony and unity, but this kind of principle becomes so polluted within this environment that even the good ideas become polluted. There are many examples where subjects have truly pillaged and really raped their objects. Homosexuals these days say, "I am homosexual, but I have a monogamous relationship. Treat me right, I am a law abiding citizen. I do my charity. Respect me." Monogamy is good, but not homosexual monogamy. Do you know what I am trying to get to? It's a simple analogy, but that is how it is. That's how I see it. I might be seeing the world too simply, but that's how I see it.

In order for us to truly unite as one body, we need a clear understanding as to who we are and a dear understanding as a whole when we are dealing with the outside world. We have to clearly know our responsibility and that responsibility is to clean up the wrong ideas of the world, the toxic, sick ideas that are lingering out there. Why? Our consciousness is erected on purpose and the emotion supporting the purpose. Because there are so many ideas which promote different purposes, all our direction is lost and chaos results. We dearly have to make the people of the world see the truth that Father is teaching. How do you do that? How the hell do you make people see what is to happen? How do you take the ideal and manifest it into reality? How do you take the future and manifest it in the present? Many people have tried it with many writings. They dreamt about it and they wrote about it. They phrased the ideal world in their own words. However, do you think it is enough for the people of today to be persuaded by words alone? No. What medium do you know of which can bring the future into the present and make people see and hear? [Film] You're damn right.

Pat Robertson has a television show and he is on it every day. On June 27th if I remember correctly, he talked about Father. He blasted Father and all the things he said were just a bunch of bullshit. Everything was false and wrong information. He did not get his facts straight. But before he was talking about Father, he was defending one of his writings. He writes a lot of books and articles. He said in respect to a certain article that he had written, "Yes, I admit I have written it ho-hum." That is what he said. And he goes on a few minutes later, so fervently saying many things about Father. "How can somebody who was kicked out of a church receive revelation?" and "How can you say this little yellow Oriental man is God?" He was saying these kinds of things. Father received revelations first and then he went out to minister. Yes, Father was kicked out of many churches because all those people who had received revelation to receive Father ended up rejecting him. But Father received revelation and he toiled a lot because he knew the magnitude of his responsibility. Once he set his goal, he went forward and he tried to connect with many spiritual leaders and the leaders of certain Christian sects who were to lay the foundation of John the Baptist, that is, with those who were in the object position. This was to ultimately restore Korea and prepare Korea for restoring the world.

These kind of people still stand there and tell so many lies. They speak falsely in front of millions of people. This false information is given without us having any control, it is going right into their houses. How do you expect to combat this reality? Jesus said to his disciples, "You are like a sheep being sent out amidst the wolves. Therefore you must be wise as serpents and pure as a dove."' Do you think a person like Pat Robertson, who is standing on television saying, "We must restore Hollywood, we have to take over the entertainment capitol of America" is stupid? He knows what's happening even with his second generation.

I'm not trying to promote my endeavors, but we have to wake up to the time. God prepares a time, but we have to be wise enough to realize what is needed and be effective in doing His work. Ultimately, time will move on to the point where we restore this sinful world. How are you going to portray the ideal and educate people about it? Even if I had the power to have complete dominion over all cultural media, it would still take decades to educate humanity by receiving True Parents" words. I know that, but what are you doing?

I will say this to you and I will live up to my word. I will make the biggest nightclub in the world and I will make the best liquor factory in the world. You just wait and see. Of course Father said that he will make a "Moon World" bigger than Disney World. We have to be spiritually intoxicated, but even when dealing with physical intoxication, if you have the absolute control over yourself, if it won't deter your work and you don't become object to it, you have true dominion over the creation. You can achieve that when you know who you are. When you are a true subject to the creation, you have that right. Because they have not attained true subjectivity, many people become object to satanic ideas as well as satanic materials. They become object to physical things. Until you fulfill the responsibility Father gave you of Tribal Messiah, you do not have the right to have dominion over the creation. That can only come when you fulfil your responsibility. Many of you are still too spiritually weak to deal with reality when you are physically intoxicated because this reality is filled with temptation. Your body is weak. If a beautiful woman comes to you when you are drunk, your legs will go weak, your heart will start palpitating and your mind will just go like that. Many of you are still in that state. So how could Father stand here and say, "Go ahead and drink." Of course there are certain things you should never put in your mouth. There are limits.

You truly have to respect the body and what you have received. Just as you take care of your spirit, you have to take care of your body. We have so much to do. Sometimes I can be pretty harsh on my crew and sometimes I do stupid things, but still we're united. I'm not boasting, but the reason that we can do so much is because we truly try to unite. I know they love me. It's not just respect, I know they love me. That is why we try to unite. I try my best to do my work and make this place grow as much as I can, as quickly as I can. I am stretching every day and they know that. I take absolutely nothing from them. That is why they understand me. That is why they overcome whatever obstacles lie ahead. We're united based on love. That is how I see it and that is what I want to credit our certain progress to. I want to dedicate it to the unity based on love. What I say is nothing much. I try to live my words as best as I can. I try my best to cope with reality and ultimately overcome it. That is the kind of attitude we must have in order for us to go out to the world and preach and represent Father.

From you, must come all sorts of people who can make a difference in this world. I'm the product of the Little Angels school, I'm the product of the performing arts school. Why do you think Father built performing arts schools? Why do you think Father is now building all these cultural media such as the television studio, the news media, the literary and academic facilities and musical facilities? It is because we truly have to take control over and have dominion over our environment. That is why Father has been preparing and I am a product of it, just as many of your children are.

Do I always need to spell it out to you? We need to be a little more professional. We have to be proficient. We need to be more efficient. Even in the correspondence you do in your own regional churches, raise and enhance your standard. Even in terms of graphics and external appearance, have full control over the physical things. Have the ability to do the things that you wish to do. Don't let Satan dictate to you, you should dictate to Satan what is good, proper and beautiful. We will show people we truly have possession over what is beautiful, good, and what is right. We have to show them. If they can't believe our words then they can look at our deeds. Tell them, "Learn from my deeds, believe in my deeds." You have to show this world that we possess the possibility of creating the ideal world.

If you want certain technical advice, come to us. We're still learning but we'll be happy to oblige you with certain information. Based on our experience, we'll even tell you what kind of equipment is good. We do everything. Technology is so great, it has endless possibilities. So let's use it. We've got to fight Satan at his own game, using the same weapons. We have to try to improve our weapon at the same time. So we need a host of people to do the creative and innovative things. At the same time we will be doing it and changing the world. That's the kind of people that we need. You have to wake up and get off your butt. Be more creative and innovative. Create something knowing who you are, that you are spiritual subject to the outside world. You truly have to understand who you are in relation to True Parents. Only God has the power to anoint the messiah. Just because I may possess certain qualities better than Father, it does not give me the right to become a True Parent. Only God has the power to anoint the messiah and the power comes from the messiah to you the power to become a true man, a Tribal Messiah.

You have to understand how things flow. That is the reality. Your responsibility is a very serious one. We have to change this world, I know we can change this world. I can taste it.

I know I can make better movies. I just saw Terminator 2 and that was pretty impressive. Did you see it? Go see it. Go see a movie today, go see Terminator. I've seen many nuclear holocaust movies. Every time I saw them they made me laugh because they were so fake and unreal. Even a serious topic like that would become comic because of the unrealistic images that I saw. But in Terminator it was pretty realistic and pretty graphic. In one scene when the woman sees the vision of nuclear war, everybody in the theater, there was hundreds of people there, was dead silent. It looked pretty real. Out of all of the movies I've seen depicting nuclear holocaust, this one looked real. One beer drinking, Harley Davidson motorcycle guy who was wearing a black leather jacket, a big fat and hairy monstrous person, who smelled like anything, was sitting in front of me. He was shaking his head and making comments like, "Oh man!" He was really shocked. I'm sure he is the type of person that when he sees a rotten movie like Godzilla Vs. whoever, he would just walk out of the movie laughing. But he was really inspired by the realism of it all.

I know we can make all the ideal things that Father talked about into real images and make people believe just as Terminator made me believe in the possibility of nuclear disaster. That's what we have to raise ourselves to because that is the only tool that we have. We need more than words, I guarantee you that. We have to stimulate the physical senses more than just reading and imagining. It has to be a little more graphic than that. People need more proof. You can't really show proof of the future, but the next best thing is that we see it at the movies. We'll create movies they can see at home; homemade dramas that can change and move people, even make them cry and think We have to make people think. In order to do that today we need to have dominion over all this technology. At the same time we need to have a clear understanding of who we are and know dearly what Father means when he talks about certain things with respect to the Principle he teaches us. We have to have a clear understanding and that understanding has to be united, it cannot be separate. Until now, that understanding was left up to the individual to interpret, but no more. We have to make it into a universal thing, just as eating food, regardless of who you are, is universal. There are certain nutrients you need to consume. The ideals of God are just as necessary. There are certain specific things that regardless of who you are, you need to consume in order to have a healthy spiritual body with no exception whatsoever. You have special qualities. It is your prerogative to invest your idiosyncrasies for the sake of the ideal world. You have that right and freedom. Freedom has bounds, it exists within the Principle. There is no such thing as unbounded Principle or unbounded freedom. You have to accept that because there is no exclusion to this rule.

I know this and I promise you we'll make this world a better place. I'm going to make your life happy too. We'll make more music, more beautiful, ideal images. We'll make this environment ideally enriched, I guarantee you. We have a whole flock of second generation children that are growing up with so much to offer to you and to the world. We just have to pursue our goals and be a little more persistent in taking individual responsibility. Don't depend on others to tell you what you need to do. Just go do it. Nobody has to tell me that I have to come and speak to you. When I have certain things to say I come and speak, whether you like it or not! When I'm done with certain specific things I will totally dedicate my life in ministry, but I want to have control. I want to let the grime from my own hand touch all the things I am to be responsible for. Nobody is going to do that for me. I have a lot to say and I will be a better speaker, I certainly will not recede. I will move on and make better of myself. That's where I am at, what about you?

Life is difficult, I know that, but don't dwell on that. Take it as a challenge. Take it as a toughening process, take it as a training session, that is how I see it. Sometimes in martial arts you need to be smacked a little bit to be tougher, so you can face a tough opponent. When Father is strong and sometimes uses abusive language, take it in good stride. Take it as love. Out there people are certainly more abusive and their abuses are not coming from good intentions, but from hate. When you go outside into reality, you see it is more harsh so you have to be more wise like the serpent and have the ability to assess it properly. Please keep that in mind and I know this church will grow. Nobody will have to tell us what to do, we will do it ourselves. That is what we need. Right? [Yes!]

I know we can change this world. So let's do it On that note, let's pray.


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