We Must Go Into The World To Preach

Hyo Jin Moon July 14, 1991 Belvedere. New York

Good morning. Today my topic will be, "We Must Go Into the World to Preach." Ever since his release from Danbury prison, Father has stressed the importance of Tribal Messiahship. At the same time, the Christian community believes, and in a way, the Christian perception of ministry, can be best summed up in a general statement found at the end of the book of Matthew which says we must go out into the world and preach. This is our obligation. Christians feel the same obligation to go out to the world and spread the word of Jesus Christ. We are going out into the world and they are going out into the world. Everybody is going out into the world and preaching their message.

I'm sure most of you have gone through several forty day workshops, I know all of you went through a 120 day workshop. In our study of the Principle we sometimes address the failings of Jesus Christ, not out of any arrogance or pride in avoiding such things ourselves. Rather to understand clearly the ultimate reason he had to be sacrificed. There were certain things that he should have avoided. Father has stressed this many times. Jesus himself spoke of many things, especially the work of doing miracles. He said in Matthew, chapter six, "Men doing alms, do it secretly. When doing a deed of mercy, do it secretly." When he addressed the Scribes and Pharisees who asked, "Hey, where are the signs that say you are the messiah?", he told them, "There will be no sign for this abominable generation." But in many cases you know miracle stories. He performed miracles although he was saying there were no signs. Certainly a miracle is a sign of the power the messiah possesses, but he did it secretly and he told the person he performed the miracle for to keep his mouth shut.

What I'm trying to get to is this; in order to become a True Parent we must restore the Garden of Eden. Through the Word man must be made perfect. Man must realize the importance of the Word to mankind. I have said many times over and over, why man was put in a vulnerable position where he was left with uncertainty. Obviously, in this situation, if he does not comply with the commandment which God gave him, he has the potential to die spiritually and lose his connection with God. Being separated from God, he loses the possibility of acquiring an eternal union with Heavenly Father, receiving His eternal love and ultimately manifesting it himself. All that possibility will be lost.

Why was man left in that position? Because it is important that man, through receiving the Word and using reason, unite with Heavenly Father. In other words we have to realize the importance of the Word by our own accord, by ourselves. We are to be the object to God the creator. Without us having and manifesting that position, we cannot become an object to God. We ourselves must create the rhyme, the reason and the rationality necessary to ultimately unite and merge with God. That is the important thing.

That is why it sometimes feels and seems like we were just left in a whirl, thrown into some kind of obscurity. Certainly there was an uncertain moment and based on that, man fell. But the reason it is like that, is because we must become God-like and so first become an object to God the Creator. That is the reason we have the responsibility to erect certain things within our minds and hearts to ultimately unite with True Parents and Heavenly Father.

When Jesus was performing these miracles in secret, did those people whom he told not to tell others keep that promise? No, they told others. So Jesus had to perform the things he could not perform to the skeptics, to the non-believers. Yes, he performed miracles for the believers, but the non-believers, how do you account for them? How do you restore them? Restoring them should be through the Word, not through power. Restoration means restoring it, not restoring God's status or divinity. Of course, when man's physical flesh is restored, divinity will be resurrected through the presence of man. However, man, especially the non-believers were to be restored through the Word.

Because of his performance of miracles, Jesus was put in the position where he had to prove himself, which he couldn't do. He had to give the kind of proof that he couldn't show to the non-believers. Of course when he was crucified, everybody realized the kind of mistake they had made, but then it was too late; he was dead.

I know Father has that power. Living in this world, growing up in this terrible world, I became a cynic. I am a very cynical and skeptical person, but I cannot lie to my father and he knows that. No matter what I do, he knows. He went out of his way to avoid that kind of power. The Korean elders, those who followed him from the beginning, know that Father did not go out of his way to do miracles. Spiritual phenomena happened left and right, everywhere. Many of you followed Father without really perceiving the true and pure inherent meaning of the Principle. Why? Because of that impressive phenomena.

All that aside, I want to go back to addressing my topic today. We must go out to the world and preach. You must know who you are. I was just reading this book that someone gave me. It's a little information book. According to this book, women are more moral, more ethical and more responsible than men. I thought about it, wondering, is that true? To a certain degree, it seems like it. Men like to take chances. We have the kind of pioneering spirit where we like to take challenges. We're not bound by certain pressure or thoughts about things going wrong. We like to take risks at times. But, in a way, lying in a bad sense is a form of risk taking. So, as a man, if you like to take chances, living in this world filled with lies, the atmosphere is filled with liars and thieves and heathen, all that, you can certainly be misled and be influenced by the surroundings. Without knowing the truth you just follow your instinct.

The reason that I am telling you this is that, there is a proper form that as a man or as a woman you must follow. Although we have duality within, you must manifest a quality, a man as a man and a woman as a woman. Why does this duality exist? For example, even receiving pain or your brain's releasing endorphin based on a type of pain you are experiencing, happens because you have these kind of receptors that receive a chemical which the brain releases. In other words, the receptor has the ability to read information. I have certain information about a woman. Why? Because when I see a true woman, I must have certain information, I must have a certain ability within myself to receive that woman. The same thing goes for a woman. Based on this same principle, you as a woman must have certain information of what an ideal man is. Otherwise, how are you going to come together? The perfection of humanity can only come through the union of man and woman, but they have to truly manifest their true qualities. Man should be absolute in a sense that he will persevere. The values that he holds dear cannot be swayed or compromised in any way.

Sometimes women are more adaptable. Women in general are more compassionate. In this world filled with crap, how can you be compassionate? In a world filled with evil, can you be compassionate toward the deeds of evil? No way. We cannot be compassionate toward the deeds of evil. Evil ideas are destroying mankind and bringing decadence, can you be compassionate to that? Can you embrace that? No way. Women like to organize things better. In a way, it's alright. When a woman becomes a judge she is more strict than a man. She really follows law and order. When I come home I like to throw things on the floor. My wife can't bear to see that. I think it hurts her, it even has some kind of physical effect on her! When I just throw my clothes on the floor she has to pick them up otherwise she can't sleep!

Once we grasp real value, a true man should never, ever compromise it. We'll break through whatever the barrier or challenge that lies ahead even if it is a conflicting one, we'll plough through. We won't avoid it. If it means we have to clash sometimes, we will do it for the sake of setting something straight.

I know Father speaks harshly sometimes. He speaks harshly to me sometimes, but I know that he is doing it out of love. This world is full of harshness and struggle. He is telling me, "Hey son, you have to be ready for the junk that lies out there. I know you love me and we are bonded by love and you will never break it. I know you will come to a decision that you will love me no matter what. When I'm being harsh to you and acting in an unpleasant manner, I know you will take it in good stride. I know you will understand what I'm trying to prepare you for. You have to go out to this world and restore it. Preparing you for that, I cannot just idly cradle you with a pleasant feeling." Many of you have your own messed up, selfish, subjective images of how Father, your subject, should be. If this was an ideal world, do you think Father would want you to suffer? Of course not. But we are living in a world which needs to be restored.