We Truly Have to Understand Our Identity

Hyo Jin Moon February 23, 1988 True Parents' Birthday World Mission Center

Today is True Parents' Birthday. Today is the day we truly have to understand our identity--who we are and what position we are in.

Heavenly Father's ideal world is based upon ideal man and woman coming together in absolute unity with Heavenly Father. Through that four position foundation, ideal sons and daughters are born. That is why True Parents are the most important thing to Heavenly Father.

The human race has suffered misfortune and separation and segregation, becoming orphans because Adam and Eve failed to unite with Heavenly Father and lost the True Parents' position. Through True Parents, the lineage of fallen man can be cleansed, and we can be grafted into the true olive tree and become one with Heavenly Father. We truly have to understand that we, and the rest of the world for that matter, are in the children's position to True Parents.

Not Just Good Intentions

God gave us responsibility because that is the only way to become a child of God. You don't become a child of God automatically, through instinct or habit) You have to make effort to create yourselves by knowing exactly what you want and absolutely committing yourself to following Heavenly Father's will. In this way, you can grow to become ideal men and women and inherit the full magnitude of Heavenly Father's love. As Heavenly Father substantialized everything in this entire physical world from His own true image, so we must actively choose to substantialize the ideal image of God in ourselves. Children are an extension of their parents. To be a child of God, we must understand the essence and ways of our original Parent.

When you reach perfection, Heavenly Father can reciprocate His ideal love eternally, because you can multiply. There is no way to build an ideal Kingdom without true families. In America, so many families are broken. Children have many mothers and fathers. They go from one parent to another; wandering all their lives. Without True Parents, the whole human race is wandering. Almost everybody has good intentions, but the ideal cannot be made real just with good intentions. You must actually take responsibility to become Heavenly Father's children and reciprocate His love. You cannot just want it--you must substantialize it!

In order to restore fallen nature, we must understand what it is. The Bible says that Heavenly Father created the universe with the help of angels. Heavenly Father loved Lucifer unchangingly from the time he was created, with the full love of a master for a servant. But Heavenly Father's ideal could-not be completely fulfilled in a master/servant relationship; He could only fulfill His ideal through a parental relationship with ideal children. As a servant, in order to assist his master, Lucifer had to know the plan of the master; therefore, he knew that according to the Principle, he had the responsibility to absolutely serve and assist Heavenly Father and do His will. He had responsibility as well as Adam and Eve.

But after Heavenly Father created Adam and Eve, Lucifer saw that Heavenly Father loved His children in a different way than He loved him. He felt deprived and jealous--that is a fallen nature. But Heavenly Father actually loved Lucifer with the same love both before and after the creation of Adam and Eve. Thus it was Lucifer who betrayed that love relationship, not Heavenly Father.

What Is Good and Evil?

If Adam and Eve had absolutely united with Heavenly Father and established the ideal four position foundation, then forever afterwards good would have always subjugated evil. What is good and evil? Simply put, a person who lives for himself is an evil person, and a person who lives for the whole is a good person. Heavenly Father represents the whole, because He is the creator of everything. To reciprocate ideal love with Heavenly Father, you must be living for His sake and for the sake of the whole. An ideal man is one who always subjugates his individual purpose, need, or want for the sake of pursuing the purpose of God. We must understand clearly that Heavenly Father intended this in the beginning.

You are all individuals. Nobody looks the same, unless you had plastic surgery! All of you have your own distinctive characteristics and idiosyncrasies that are God-given. You started with that, but because of the fall, you were unfortunately born upon a foundation of good and evil; therefore, you must take responsibility to choose to become an ideal man or woman of God and subjugate your individual desires and live for the purpose of the whole. Satan is part of the whole, but he separated himself from Heavenly Father. Therefore, individuality, separation, segregation--all are evil. An "evil" man is one who lives for his own sake, not caring about anything else. "As long as I'm rich, I'm happy. As long as I have power, I'm happy. I don't care what happens to all the women I will touch along my path; as long as I'm satisfied, I'm happy." What point am I trying to make? Don't think of evil as only something extreme like crime or cruelty. Evil is anything that leads in a direction away from the benefit of Heavenly Father and the whole.

How can Satan be stopped in his tracks? We have to restore Cain and Abel's situation. In order to restore fallen Adam and Eve, who were in the True Parents' position, Cain and Abel were very important. Adam and Eve had already fallen, so Heavenly Father couldn't work through them, because the True Parents have to be in an absolute position, never deviating from expressing the will of God. If they themselves had restored their own fallen act, then that fallen act would have remained as part of the process of reaching the ideal position. That is why restoration had to be carried out through the separation of Cain and Abel.

Restoring Cain

Cain and Abel are both from the fallen seed, but we must understand the significance of their positions. Lucifer tempted Eve to fornicate spiritually with him by promising her everything in the universe, telling her that her eyes would be opened. Tragically, his promise came true, because through her fallen act with Lucifer, Eve realized that this act should have taken place in a love relationship with Adam. Driven by her guilt after committing this unprincipled act with Lucifer, as well as by her desire to go back to the original ideal, she tempted Adam. Because her second act was motivated by a desire to return to her proper position, Eve's second son Abel could come to represent Heavenly Father's side.

Heavenly Father asked Cain and Abel both to make offerings. Abel's offering was received and Cain's was rejected. Why? Heavenly Father did not hate Cain, but he hated what Cain represented, which was Satan. The offering was significant because if Cain had been obedient to Abel and absolutely united with him, he would have separated from Satan, and they would have created a substantial horizontal base for Heavenly Father's providence of restoration. Cain, in the elder son's position, should have been the subject to his younger brother. But this was not an ideal situation, because the fall had occurred. In order to change the false order that Lucifer created by becoming their subject, the elder son had to be obedient to the younger son and receive Heavenly Father's love through Abel. But that did not happen. Still today, all of you, every man and woman in this room, must fulfill this foundation of substance by restoring Cain's fallen act and becoming men and women who can receive Heavenly Father's love.

Because of the failure of Adam's family, God called Noah. Centering on Noah, Heavenly Father wanted to recreate the Garden of Eden. Noah's family was to absolutely unite with him, substantialize the four position foundation, and make a foundation of faith and substance so that the Messiah could come in Noah's family. But Heavenly Father's plan was destroyed when Ham failed to unite absol