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What is an Able Person?

Hyo Jin Moon

June 23, 1991

Belvedere, New York

Good morning everybody. Today, what I would like to share with you is my view of the nature of an Abel person, what defines Abel. Father has invested, as you know, not just in terms of spiritual investment, but physically and substantially he invested all of his life in America. You all know, because you have been Unification Church members for quite a long time, and many of you have been here from the beginning of Father's ministry here in America. Father said in many of his speeches that the most important thing is realizing or understanding the heart of God. We understand certain things, we understand the particular abilities that God has given us. Through those idiosyncrasies we have a certain ability to give input into things that we are commissioned to do. In that sense, we have certain abilities which are a determining factor in many different cases.

But, what is Abel? Many times Father says knowledge alone, or power alone, or authority alone, all these things in themselves cannot truly represent God's intention or God's will. And certainly those things are not enough to substantiate the course of restoration and the dispensation of God.

What is important? What is the true ability of man? Where does that lie? Father has invested specifically in building the seminary at Barrytown. The purpose of Father's having that seminary is to what? Just to make people theologians, is that it? Once we have these people who have degrees, who have certain abilities in terms of interpreting, in terms of knowledge and understanding about theological theories or whatever, does it end there? What is the meaning behind Father investing so much of his time acquiring and building that kind of facility and cycling many of you through that particular institution? What is he trying to obtain? What is the meaning of Father's investment?

Many of you have graduated from seminary. And many of you are proud that you have greater understanding now. But what are you going to do with that understanding? What is your purpose behind acquiring this greater understanding? The bottom line is that, through this we must go out and preach the word. The bottom line is that whatever we have that has been bequeathed from Father, the meaning behind this bequeathing is that through this process, we can go out and restore the world. We want to change these people who do not understand the will of God and make them understand. Propagate the word of God. He did not send you there to get titles so that you can have prestige. The bottom line is how much you can do with the things that have been given to you by Father in witnessing; going out to the world, reaching out and touching other people. Touching other people who have no idea whatsoever about what we are. They don't know what is going on. They don't know what the motivation was behind Father investing all his life, behind Father suffering and bearing the suffering course.

You know about this Inquisition book. Little by little things are coming out in the open. The reality, the truth, is coming out into the open. All the time while Father was here being persecuted unjustly, what was his motivation, what was his intention during all those troubled and suffering times? What are we to do when we receive these things from Father and this kind of investment where Father literally spent all of his time trying to motivate us, trying to incite us into doing the work that needs to be done in order to restore this world? Father certainly did not send all those people, Father did not invest in these people to go out and get Ph.D.s so that they could go out and praise themselves! That was not the intention. His intention was that you, by Father's investing in you, can go out with the investment that you have received and give ten times, maybe a hundred times or more in return to change this world, make this world understand the will of God.

That is why he invested. And that's what we need to do. We must find within ourselves, what are we able, what are we capable of doing in terms of bringing more and more people, letting people outside understand the intention of God and the true intention of our Parents. That is the bottom line here. If we can achieve this goal solely by the means of cycling people through the seminary, so be it! Let us all go to seminary and let us all get whatever degree we need. If that is the only way to change these people, let's by all means do so. But that is not the reality. Reality is much different than that. The bottom line is that the reason Father invests so much in so many things is because all those things are important. But you must understand that these abilities that you have are not there for yourself. You have received life, you have literally received life, and a spiritual life from Father. Based on this you must return back. Based on the life that you have received, you must give your life in return. So the abilities that you possess must create some kind of benefit. That might not sound so romantic, however it must have some kind of input into the whole picture of the dispensation. That is the bottom line.

What is Abel? Let's see it as the ability that is needed, the thing that is needed in a given time frame. In a way, the Abel person, the description of an Abel person is based on what is needed. I guess to a certain degree it's relative to a certain time frame and based on that specific time frame, Abel is what is needed to bring certain resolution to whatever is needed. Do you understand what I am trying to say? At a given moment, what do we need? What do I need? If I have a business and if I have financial problems, or problems organizing the business, the Abel person in my own eyes, is that person who can manage and organize my financial situation. Obviously, to me that person is Abel. Whatever the case is, given a certain time frame, what is needed to bring resolution to what I need, you can see that person as Abel. Abel is a person having certain ability, certain value to me.

If that is the case, then Father also needs Abel people surrounding him to do the kind of work necessary. And what is that kind of work that he needs to do? It's simple. Father needs people who can represent him, who can go out to the world and tell people, "Hey, this is what God needs. This is the purpose of life. This is the meaning of life." He needs people who can go out and truly become a testament to the existence of God and can truly represent Father every step of the way. Father needs somebody who can go out and change young people who are struggling with many teenage problems. Father needs people who can bring clarity into confusion.

When you look at American society you see it is filled with confusion. There are so many obstacles out there; just growing up is a tremendous challenge. You go to school and you've got so many problems. Why? Because there are so many different values, and based on this barrage of confusing values (values just lingering on everywhere we go), kids are all perplexed. It is very difficult to keep a steady course. Everywhere you go there are influences which somehow make you deviate from the course that you are trying to pursue. There is so much peer pressure, problems with drugs and problems with sex. There are so many there is no point in even counting these things. However, the reality is that any child growing up is faced with these obstacles every step of his or her way to maturity. And in many cases unfortunately, they never mature.

So what is needed? Who is going to go to these troubled children while they are growing up? You know the importance of the period of growth. While they are maturing, who is going to go to these kids and say, "Hey, I know you are confused, but listen to me. If there is a God existing and you want to know about God, if you want to know the meaning of life. . . There are many other people out there who are more than willing, more than happy to give their own opinions, but listen to me, this is Reverend Moon's opinion, this is Reverend Moon's view of life and of God." Who is going to ultimately influence them and change their lives? Are you just going to wait until all these kids, miraculously, automatically, somehow just change?

If you really think that will happen, by all means, go ahead, just sit and wait. Let's all sit back and wait. Not just for the teenagers and children of the second generation, but even for the first generation; how are you going to get proper insights about who Father is to the public? How are you going to do that? That's why we have to mobilize what we have available to us. Being stubborn is fine, it's great. Why? Because you have to be stubborn to a certain degree to block off and fight the temptation that is always around you. You must be stubborn to be victorious in confronting Satan. However, you can't be stubborn when it comes to what is needed.

What we need is a truly different approach to witnessing, a different approach to getting the word out into American society.

As I have more and more people coming to the Manhattan Center, I've been steadily sending these people to workshop. In one particular incident, one of the band members of Ancestors went to a two day workshop at Camp Sunrise. Before he went we gave him one day lecture and I thought it would be a good experience for him to have experience with other newcomers to our church. So I sent him there. While he was in workshop, you know the workshop schedule is very tight; it's one thing after another just constantly. I guess there was an old member who also went to this workshop to, I guess to refresh his memory or rejuvenate his spiritual standing, and obviously he had a certain interest in music. He was excited that the band member came. During this person's day, the long-time member, who was forty odd years old, dogged him around everywhere he went. He would bring his guitar and sing to him. This new guy, the band member, tried very hard just to be friendly. He did, he stayed friendly to the end. I'm sure it was a very difficult thing for him. He is really inspired by Father's work, but after he came back, he was really inspired by the Principle, but he was kind of confused because he thought to himself, "Look at this guy, he is forty-five years old and still coming to workshop." He kind of looked at himself and thought, "Hey, is this me when I'm forty-five?" At that moment he struggled.

I know this older brother had good intentions to try to be friendly with him. In his mind he was trying to make him comfortable by showing him we Moonies love music, but the band member already knows that. I guess he just wanted to reinforce the idea just to be friendly and to get acquainted. That's fine. But you have to understand that presentation is very important when we are dealing with these people, especially in America, where so many things are available and people have seen an excess of what is great. There is such an excess of everything, it's not like in a third world country where people are literally starving and the greatest thing to them at that moment is food. Its not like that here in America. America is filled with excess. So we have to be very careful with presentation. In Russia, it is a different story. Russia is now coming out of communism, it is coming out of misery, and they're just dying to change. They're eager to change because they know what they want to become. They want to become just like America. They want to achieve American standards. They want to achieve that kind of physical development. Do you understand what I am saying? They want to have physical well-being and have a certain environment where there is great wealth and great well-being. That is what they want to achieve. They want to become affluent just like America. They want to be successful like America. In many people's eyes, especially in other parts of the world, America is a symbol of achievement and they are looking at America to become just like here. They want to have this kind of excess too.

Even when I was going to high school, kids could buy their own car just by mowing lawns all summer long. All the kids would say, '"What are you going to do this summer?" "I'm going to work. I'm going to just mow the lawn all summer long because I need a car." Where the hell in the world can you mow a lawn for a few months and get a car? It might sound funny to you, but you grew up in that kind of environment. Do you understand what I am saying? That is the kind of environment you grew up in and you try to take certain, I mean if you don't understand this American reality, it's very difficult to get to an individual's heart and really touch these people. You have to understand where our consciousness comes from. Obviously, in order for us to be aware of something there have to be certain needs. However, it's not just the need that makes a certain impression upon our consciousness. It's not just the need. You have to be emotionally involved. Based on the need, the need itself has to be emotionally accepted and realized. The value of need has to be emotional. That's when certain things come into our consciousness. That's when the awareness starts taking on certain meaning in our lives. Many of you have had spiritual experiences. Many of you have cried tears; I don't know if you cried the tears that Father cried, but you have tasted the tears that Father has shed for the suffering of God. You know you need change in your life. You know that there has to be change in this world and you have felt it.

But many of you do not understand the Principle as much as Father expects of you, many of you even have the wrong understanding about Principle. We have all different understandings. Many of you look at God based on your own desire of how He should be. You search for your god, not God and who He is. That is your problem. You know there is a need to change this world and that need is emotional.

Homosexuals, the kind of lifestyle that they lead is very emotional to them. If somebody tries to take that away from them they will fight until they are dead. What am I trying to say? They need that kind of life. They need to be stimulated anally. Through this sickening love making ritual, they have grown into an emotional state where they have to embrace these things. To them it is something that they desperately need because that is where their value is. The whole thing, the meaning of life is to have pleasure at every end of the body. That is their need, that is their absolute desire, that is their goal in life. Nothing else matters to them. That is the greatest thing they can ever attain. Based on that need they will give and take.

I bond with my guitar. I have an emotional experience with my guitar because I give and take with it every day. It is hard for me to let it go because I've changed its strings, I've cleaned it. It doesn't talk to me, well it talks to me in a sense, but I've bonded with this stupid piece of wood and it's emotional. When I depart from it, I know it's going to be painful. I know. I gave one of my guitars to the band Sunrise Ocean when I was in Japan last year when I played for them and did a little speaking tour. I gave them my guitar after I performed. That was very heartbreaking to depart from my guitar, but maybe they needed it more than I. It's a good kind of symbolic gesture that they were inspired by, so I gave it to them. That is the only reason. But even with the stupid piece of wood, I get attached. You reciprocate with anything for a while, whether it is for a good intention or bad intention, whether it is for a good purpose or a bad purpose, you will reach a certain, I can't say perfection, but you will reach a certain moment, you will reach a certain plateau, let's put it that way.

I'm vulgar sometimes. But you like it that way, don't you?

Instilling the need for a change in American people's minds and their hearts is a very challenging task because you must incite their emotions. Do you understand what I am saying? In the early days when our movement was beginning, we were in a poor country. Every year Father had a regional directors meeting and every time that meeting came about, afterwards, Father normally took all the leaders to eat bulgogi. Once a year. And I lived for that day. When I was a child, I lived for that day. Why? Because I don't like kimchee. I only like meat, but I didn't have any. It was just soy sauce and eggs sometimes, other times thin strips of beef drenched in soy sauce for the purpose of preserving it for a long time. So I lived for that day. To me, it was like going to America, the land of beef. All these cowboys running with hundreds of thousands of cows. To me, in my mind, that image translated into tons of beef. People say this land is literally just lined with milk and honey and steak everywhere and it's true. Steak and eggs are only a dollar in Las Vegas, right? Where else can you get that kind of meal in this world other than in America? It is very difficult to find.

To me, coming to America was personally a very spiritual moment. As a child, my body literally longed for that day. Every cell of my body longed for that day. But when it came it was a different story. However, just the thought of Father coming to America, and Father having all these things like Belvedere -- to me, Father looked great. Truly in my child-like eyes, I don't know how long ago, he looked like he could make himself into whatever he wanted to be and I'd believe it. Because that is where my hope was. My hope was to eat a lot of beef as a child. That was my favorite food, but I never really had the opportunity to experience the kind of moments you can have with the things that you really desire. And I was waiting for that moment to happen. Father looked great to me at that moment. I was going to America.

In the same way, people were inspired by Father's words. Where there is hopelessness all over, in prison, many people flocked to Father's words. He gave them the word of freedom and liberation. Why did these people flock to him? Because there is absolutely no hope in prison. There is hopelessness everywhere you look. With the kind of torture, the kind of hard, forced labor that everybody had to face, and the kind of meals that they received every day... they had no hope, absolutely zilch! But Father would speak about restoring mankind and the vision of God. He would talk about God's heart in a place where there is hopelessness. It is like a child who was eagerly waiting for that juicy steak. It is the same feeling.

Mr. Pak, that man who followed Father in prison, right after he came out, he tagged along for a while and then he split. Obviously Father's words had one meaning in prison, but those same words had a different meaning to Mr. Pak when he came out into the reality. That happened because his desire changed. In prison his absolute desire was to survive, that's it. "Surviving is my absolute desire, absolute need, absolute necessity." That is how he thought at that moment, but when he came out, outside the prison after he was liberated, his needs started to change. "Screw this Bible business, I'm surviving. I need to get on to the next step in life. What is my need?" His needs started to change and that is why he left. Many of you stuck by and I praise you, you kept the right priority of certain needs. Although you did not have a clear understanding, I guess you felt it sacred enough to hold on to your needs until now. I praise you that much. People have many needs and based on these needs, they change. That's the whole problem. I guess this Pak guy, when he split, was more emotionally drawn to something other than Father's words, maybe sex or something. Maybe he had some opportunity to become reacquainted with his old comrade-in-arms who had a high ranking position and maybe he became politically ambitious. I don't know what reason he had but he left because his needs changed. Obviously Father's words did not have the same kind of influencing impact on his needs. I'm not trying to drive it into you; it's the reality.

Why do some people pursue money or fame or power? Why do they do that? "I need money so I can buy things. I need to be driven around in a chauffeured limousine. I need to be flown around in my own private 747. 1 need to be dragged behind my 250 foot yacht while I water ski behind that sucker. I don't want to water ski behind a little dinghy. I've gotta water ski and I need to do it behind a 350 foot yacht! I need to plaster my house with gold fixtures. I need a diamond studded tombstone. That's what I need."

"I need power. Why? Because I want to be great. I don't want no one to tell me what to do. I'm going to tell everybody what to do. That's why I want the power. That's why I need it."

"I need all the