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What is Father Doing?

Hyo Jin Moon January 8, 2006 Belvedere Transcription: T. K.

How are you doing? Good… I’m doing fine.

It’s been a while…it’s been, what…10 years, something like that I didn’t come here to talk about me, that’s my problem. So I want to talk about what Father’s doing. And I’m here to help you.

So having said that, where should I start? Have you been attending Father’s speeches...Father’s rallies? What do you think is His main point? Why does He think that’s necessary? Do you feel it? Do you feel it in your heart? Do you feel it in your gut? Do you feel it in your body? (Yes) Well, I don’t think so.

Well let’s just start with the building a bridge over the Bering Strait. It’s like almost fifty miles long and wretched waters. I don’t know, it’s like forty-eight mile or something like that. They did some kind of feasibility study on a documentary ten years ago, still gets aired on one of those learning channel stuff. They always constantly update the money, in terms of the cost, but it’s doable, it is doable. If you can tunnel your way between England and continental Europe, it is doable, sure.

We do have technology, it’s just tremendous, astronomically expensive. How do you afford it, so many countries have to come into play and basically between the Bering Straits your talking about America and the Soviet Union and trying to have get them to play and all those stuff. It’s a big, big, big responsibility. And I think, unless you have some kind of where-with-all in terms of practicality in terms of politics, economics, it’s very difficult, okay? But it’s doable, that’s where we start.

How do you start anything, when you haven’t done anything, and when it’s never been done before? Where do you start from? So, okay, you know, in order to understand Father’s reality, you have to understand a very simple concept, why is He here? What is He here to restore?! And who the hell are you? What are you made of?

When you look at yourself is there some kind of universality that we can all say, in unison, regardless of what cultural, in other words, you know kind of influential background that you come from based on thought and whatever environmental kind of happenings or whatever. Is there something that is universal? (Yes) So what is that? (couple of answers) What are you made of? If you have to define yourself, if you have to define yourself, how would you define yourself? (children of God…child of God).

Okay, well let’s put all that together, simply put, how many levels do you think you got? One, two, three…ten… twenty… a million? Simply put, look at yourself first. You think you’re a spiritual being right? You struggle to be one. Okay, well talk about spirit. And you want to be intelligent right? You want to be smarter than the guy sitting next to you right? And you’re a physical being. However it plays out whether you want to be tougher than the other guy next to you or whatever. It becomes apparent that that matters to everybody. You measure each other based on those conditions.

Very simply three conditions… spirit, mind and body. I think that’s universal. If you’re going to start anything, if you’re going to try to reason anything and try to communicate to the rest of the world beyond yourself you have to find some kind of basic commonality where you can create a focus in which you can create some kind of uniformity in the end. Some reason some rationality. Without that basis there is no rationality, there’s not even a breath of it. It doesn’t matter, even if you want to sell an icicle to an Eskimo, you have to have something like that.

So having said that, what’s Father’s condition? What’s Father’s life? What’s Father’s course? And when you look at it, to me, it’s very simple. It echoes that kind of stuff. It basically echoes that individual manifestation and just on a larger scale, that’s about it. So all you need to do is always focus on what that is. What that individual responsibility is that magnifies to whatever level. That’s the key point of understanding what the hell He’s doing. Don’t look at it any other way, because you are and idiot if you do.

So all this historical stuff, what is, what does it represent? It’s just preparing the way for the Messiah? Do you believe in the Messiah? Okay, let’s say, I’m talking to this in-crowd here, if you believe that shit, so be it. Excuse my language. (Laughter) So be it. Okay, all of that is there to receive that spiritual entity, spiritual, that entity that represents that spirit, initially. And His course goes opposite, restoration is opposite. So it has to restore the intellect and the body, right? And that’s plainly been seen in history. So ideologically, there’s ideological wars, horizontally it’s just if you put Cain and Abel picture into the scene. WHY? BECAUSE IT’S A CONFLICT!!!

And we went through Cold War, right? Ideologically, yeah? That kind of stuff, that kind of stuff. And, that’s the intellectual stuff, crazy intellectual stuff, right? Now it’s coming down to the physical stuff, that’s about it. China will be the richest nation on earth in about a decade. Everybody knows that. And that’s potentially conflicting to American presence. But it’s something and, something similar nature, right? They all want to be rich. It’s not like “I don’t believe in God, and you believe in God…I’m going to kill you mother… some bla, bla” You know I would always say it, but since I’ve been here, and since I’ve... It’s been a while, I’m going to try to hold back as much as I can. (Audience laughter) That’s about it.

And when that happens, when that happens it’s a great time for us. Why? Because now we have something to work with, as long as there’s a conflict of interest, Parents can always put it right. (Laughter) Isn’t that sad, but true. Then what?

It’s interesting because it will be connecting pretty much every archangel nation; America, Soviet Union, and your China. Any you talk about amenities and prices and of course that interest is there. Why? Because of oil. Why do you think you’re rich. Because you’re rich, you have the money to buy that stuff and you can spend it as much and you want. And of course in those areas there some kind of just backward kind of places, however they know your weaknesses. They know the nature of the indulgence of capitalism.

That’s basically what they’re feeding on. And it doesn’t matter if it’s theocracy or dictatorship, it doesn’t matter. Because ultimately in the end they have to play to the people… that’s what they feed on. And whether you like it or not there’s no way you can stop that anymore. I mean even ten years ago, like fifteen years ago there wasn’t stuff to buy, they’re very expensive, but now it’s cheaper and it’s global, you know? You’re talking about tens of millions of dollars and they’re so god damn, excuse my language. It’s available to all. All those things, knowing what the nature is, it’s doable. It’s not that difficult. As long as you believe in what you are.

How many Christians out there want to see Father as the messiah? I remember a long time ago, about seventeen years ago, I was watching the 700 channel, and I talked about it to you, and he said actually on television, “How can that little yellow man be the Messiah” What the… What does he look like then? Blond hair, blue eyes? They got some TV show on that said that least he’s not blond haired at least not brunette haired. That’s funny. Do you think they really want to be judge, they want the Messiah to come and judge them? What’s he going to look like? What does the Messiah look like?

There’s a simple kind of step even to Father’s course, to when it comes to Father’s course. And he had to start with, kind of, spirit, mind and kind of body stuff, and kind of put it… teacher, parent, and now what do you say? It’s very difficult for some of you to understand.

Teacher is the body stuff, you understand me? I mean for many parents, I’m sure all of you had that parental experience, you don’t even feel like you’re a parent when you’re dealing with little monkeys, you know what I’m saying? They’re little monkeys, they’re not even humans. And you try to teach them stuff, you know, you can’t even try to be a parent to them, they don’t understand what that stuff is. You’re basically dealing with physical monkeys.

And look just think about it, you understand, you have this church hierarchy, he used to be a president of Unification Church and he goes around to these seminaries and he’s trying to make a point. After all this time, you know he’s come to this realization that… of his success, you know, his understanding and why others who’s not here -- who’re thirty-six couples and who are thirty-six couples who have failed. And talk about that kind of birth stuff… birth and children -- that conflict. The reason they fail, his conclusion is, the reason that they fail was because they believe in the children’s concept even to Father, even to the nature of Father. He was chosen somehow, so they somehow ultimately can be chosen one too. That’s not of birth.

Why do you think, what do, even Christians think about birthright anyway? Why don’t you play that to the man himself. You don’t want to put that just up on elder son crap. You know what I mean, you want to be a messiah, go ahead and be you. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be that miserable? But misery is relative, right?

Pain is relative, right? So is the opposite, right? Who gives a… What do you want? So it’s up to you too, that’s relative too. So, I didn’t come here to… I’ve really have seen a lot of crap these days, just recently, I mean unthinkable crap. And I don’t really give a… You know why, because I’m going to let someone else judge that… not me. I’ll move on forget it. I’ll try my best to find some forgiveness in my heart… Look…Okay…

So how can we help America? (Laughter) Or god damn move on, okay. How can we help America? What the hell is America anyway? You know, there’s so much, you know, all my brothers have kind of gone to school and they got high education stuff. If only if we could use that kind of funds, all the blessings that we had in the past used it in a certain way and as well could be so much, okay, sure, but that’s in the past. And Father did it for His reasons, not yours. I mean I have more sympathy when it comes to that when it comes to the Japanese members than American members, that’s for sure. Because I deal with those interesting types, I like colorful things, colorful stuff.

Even dealing with colorful, I don’t mind. I think that’s interesting, it’s exciting, it’s stimulating. Yeah, sometimes it’s the absolute opposite and it’s a pain in the, but that’s the stuff, that’s reality. So be it. Now, having said that all that stuff, why did He do that, for what reason did He do it? Obviously to make the conditions of the spirit, the spiritual foundation. And what did He do? He absolutely tried everything, just, almost like wasting dollars just to create all these organizations, all the stuff that have come and gone. Just to give, give, give to the, I mean, you have no idea, if I talk about it, it will blow everybody’s mind. It is astronomical, and where did that…come from? That was blessing and this stuff that Father envisioned, even on just a physical level, it’s in shambles it’s shameful.

And whose fault was that? It’s our fault, we have to fix it, okay? This is nobody else’s problem, but ours and that’s about it. You don’t want to be stupid, if you want to advertise, you go to school to learn how to properly advertise, you dumb monkeys, don’t do the obvious no, no stuff. And we can do that stuff, because there is still a whole lot of blessing still here. There is. It is doable. Why do I believe that? Okay, since you pushed me (Laughter).

You know I do watch my competitors, so I kind of watch those people speak on Sunday, you new comers like Joel Olsteen, I pay attention to all those guys, saying all this, okay, okay. All packaging. Don’t try to give me that. And what do they want to do? What do they want to do? They want to set an example, and example of something. Okay, that’s okay, we can compete with that. We can do that too. Let’s just start with that. We can also do that too.

Just start with the body first, we can focus on the body, that meets their concern. The thing about, you know kind of, materialism is that when that controls everything, pretty much in the end, your whole concept, whether you like it or not, if you’re not really thinking about anything, it will just, just consume you completely. The physical stuff, when you look at America especially, you know Pilgrims stopped coming to America to find God hundreds of years ago, seventeenth century. People come to America to find opportunity, riches. They want to be godly… they want to be rich. That’s about it. There’s no other reason to come to America.

You don’t find it here, you don’t, that’s about it. It’s not even freedom, it’s about opportunity. What freedom, freedom to be what? I mean what if you were religious? American freedom is very offensive to you, you know what I’m saying? It has nothing to do with freedom, it just says that so many times... And people, you know always like to put their best foot forward, whether it’s true or not it’s irrelevant. When they think that they have the power to do so, then they will do so. Based on how they want to be perceived, because without that perception, you don’t get that accolade. And it needs to have that kind of glorification so it can fuel itself, in terms of its need for consumption and excess, so be it that’s reality.

Okay so when you’re talking about America’s freedom, and in essence in the end, it is just about that, capitalism. What does capitalism create? What’s important in capitalism? Opportunity. What does, if you’re so concerned with opportunism, obviously you are going to become an opportunist. If you become an opportunist, you are not going to be a very caring person for somebody else. You’re going to be a self-centered. And if you’re a self-centered SOB, you’re going to be, you know obviously, not a good role model for the rest of the world, because you’re so caught up in your own individualistic need. You’re a pure individualist. Then what?

When you create a frickin climate of that stuff and you encourage that stuff how do you think society will end up. Do you really see in it a future? No, I don’t think so. Somebody will use the United States as the wrong example and try to modify it somehow to be better than your stupid dumb ass, that’s about it. It might be a little bit, but still in the end, they’ll succeed. Because you’re going down the wrong path, point of no return and that’s about it. It doesn’t matter how much you try to deny it, it will happen eventually.

It will start from you it will go up to even your, you’ll contaminate even your mother and your father, never mind your children and your posterity. Because that’s all they see. That’s the American dream. I don’t think so. Somewhere along the line the American dream has passed away. And who the… how many Americans, I’m not American. I’m proud not to be an American. I can, because I’ve been living here technically I’ve been here over thirty years. I came here because my Father had his mission, that’s about it I tagged along. I guess he carried me along, I had no choice I guess about it, so be it, it doesn’t matter. That’s not the point, but Father spent so much time and energy, and so much stuff, if I actually started, line item by line item, it would blow your frickin mind, but I’m not going to do that. Not today. There’ll be plenty of time for that crap later. But that’s all in the past. What’s important is what’s going to happen in the future. And what you can do.

There are times that, I’ll share since I’m in a sharing mood I’m going to share. Okay you know, I let myself, normally I don’t behave that way, but I did and at one point in my life, and I do regret it, but that’s why I’m telling you. I let it go, I just let it go, I didn’t want to resolve it, I didn’t want to deal with it. I didn’t want a solution. I just let it go. I just let it go. I just let that anger just go. And it grew. And it grew. And I realized in the end why it was growing and started getting out of control. Because everything is connected. And that’s the realization that I had.

The reason that it was growing and getting bigger and bigger and it was going and going, because I didn't resolve it. I let it go and it was just connecting to all sorts of other stuff. And that’s the thing about living about being a human being, it’s, you’re connected. And when you know it’s not good for you get rid of it as fast as you can!!

And I believe in the future we can do a whole lot of good stuff. Why? Why, because we’re unique god damn it. We’re absolutely unique. And we can prove this… we've got something better. Hey we’ll compete and we’ll win. We’re here to stay and we’ll compete till the end. And let’s compete, alright, it doesn’t matter. In goodness, screw badness, in goodness let’s see who’s the better man in the end, you know what I’m saying? And that’s why in the end there’s an attraction to democracy. Because that’s kind of brotherly stuff, you know what I’m saying, right? Because that’s also a very important part of restoration, not just restoring Adam’s position but Cain and Abel stuff.

Then, we can win. And let it happen. It’s better to have, I’d rather have a democracy to work with than some kind of theocracy, you know what I’m saying. There’re a lot of nuts out there, crazy people “la, la, la” I’m not saying anything, if you know me, it’s just a joke, okay. (Laughter) I’m just very, in many ways, the way I express is very shallow. And sometimes it works. (Laughter) Not all the time. That’s about it.

Anyway, I believe we can do this kind of stuff, okay you know what I’m saying? This is kind of the first time for me in a long time. I’m going to keep it short, okay? And I try to stay away from this note stuff. If I have notes I’ll speak longer, that’s why I don’t have notes. (Laughter)

Anyway you guys take care, I’m fine. You know things will happen the way they should. And I see tremendous hope for the future. And thank you for your concern and your prayers. And I’ll do my best to help you guys as much as I can. To share with you to be with you, okay?

Thank you. 


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